This Week, Let's Be Summer Bookworms!

Reading is wonderful.

Authors create these amazing worlds for us to explore and characters to get to know. They describe what their story’s world looks like to us, but it’s really up to our imaginations to fill in the colors, textures, architecture and people that inhabit these stories. True, authors give us good guidance, but ultimately it’s the reader that experiences the world in which a story takes place.  The richer and more textured that the worlds of these stories are, the more we fall in love with them (I’m talking to you, Harry Potter).

You may, or may not, have realized this from previous articles, but I love to read. I know I mention Harry Potter a lot, because well, it’s my absolute favorite, but I do read other things. At the moment, I’m making my way through the Game of Thrones series. Currently, I’m on the second book, A Clash of Kings. Some of my other favorites are The Poisonwood Bible, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, Maus, The Historian, The Help, Shopaholic Series and many, many more. I have a bit of a book hoarding problem.

There are a lot of people that don’t like to read. If you’re reading this, then I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you’re not one of them. Do you agree that they’re missing out? I wish I could make them like reading as much as I do because I want to discuss books!

Like, did you know that one of the most interesting things about Don Quixote is that it constantly plays with the concept of fantasy versus reality? Miguel de Cervantes even set up the main characters, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, as representations of an idealized world versus cold reality. It’s a constant, and very cleverly executed, theme throughout the novel, and I think it’s indescribably cool.

These are the nerdy things that I want to talk about.

Reading engages you in a way that a TV show or film never will. Which is why I propose, that this summer we all become bookworms! The World would be awesome because reading is simply amazing:

1. We can all read the classics that we were supposed to read in high school, but never did because…Spark Notes. (Yes, I admit it.)

2. Reading engages you unlike any other form of entertainment. You’ll be able to, in a way, live experiences that you might not normally have. We can all learn something through a character’s mistakes.

3. Learning a new vocabulary word never hurt anyone.

4. If you’re a writer, or maybe you want to be in an industry dedicated to telling stories, reading will help you. In a way, kind of, books were the first movies.

5. In general, it’s good to read because, one day, we’re all going to get a random interviewer that asks, “What’s your favorite book and why?”

I really hope that all of you are fellow bookworms with me this summer. Need some ideas for summer reading? HelloGiggles is on that: Summer Reading.

I want to hear about your favorite books and authors, comment below!

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