This Week, Birthdays!

Guess what?! Today is my 23rd birthday!

*Confetti falls and angels sing*

Since I’m enough of a narcissist, I decided that I was going to write about it. Besides Christmas, there is no other holiday (yes, I consider it a holiday) that I enjoy quite as much as my birthday. It was the day, 23 years ago, that I was gifted onto humankind.  At least in my little microcosm of the world, it’s a day that really is all about me. I like to think that it is anyway.

In all seriousness, I am pretty thrilled to have been born. Although life can be pretty sh**ty sometimes, most of the time it’s pretty fantastic. God, can you imagine never being born and not being able to read Harry Potter? That, by itself, is tragic enough to weep.  Let’s take a minute to be thankful that J.K. Rowling was born and that we get to celebrate her birthday every year.

Now, let’s get back to me: it’s my birthday!

When I was younger, I thought that as time went by the excitement of my birthday would wear off. Nope, hasn’t happened. I still look forward to it like I did when I was five. It is such a good day. Frankly, I hope to be this excited for my birthday when I’m 80.

I’ve heard people say that, “Your birthday is just a year closer to your death.” NO. Technically, yes, I guess that it is, but I like to think of it as another year to celebrate the life that you have lived and your accomplishments. Think about it, 23 is pretty young, but there are a lot of people who don’t get to live to be 23 years old. It’s a sad thought, but it’s true. I’m not going to be a cloud of sorrow and think that this grand day is one day closer to my impending doom when so many people haven’t even lived to see their own 23rd birthday. Hell no.

I’m going to be happy for what I have done with my life, my family and my friends. Also, the Facebook and Twitter happy birthday wishes that I’m going to get (I’ve been ruined by technology).

And the gifts that I’m going to get.

Don’t lie to me, you all know that you love a good present. It’s great, yes? My parents still get me a birthday present. I look forward to it every year and also, I realize that I have pretty amazing parents. Considering that they gave me the gift of life, they really shouldn’t bother with a present each year (don’t tell them that), but I’m happy that they do. I’d be happy with a card (full of cash) to be quite honest. Actually, I just got a birthday card in the mail from a friend and it made me indescribably happy. It’s the best feeling to know that there are people that care about you. On a more materialistic level, I just really like new things.

In conclusion, happy birthday to meeeee! Also, happy birthday to anyone else out there that has a birthday on this glorious day.

Now, I want to know, why do you love your birthday?! Is it the cake? Is it the presents? Is it the balloons? The candy? The joy of knowing you made it another year?

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  • Mariela Monegro

    Happy Brithday, María! Love your article. I pretty much go about my Birthday the same way you do! I also consider it a holiday and I do consider myself a gift to humankind. My friends and family think so too, they just haven´t actually said it in those exact words but I´m pretty sure that´s how they feel.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    P.S: You are totally right, how sad would a world without Harry Potter be?!

  • Jaime Hammer

    Happy birthday! This is a great article haha. I usually downplay my birthday when it comes around so I don’t seem gloaty or seem like I’m looking for “happy birthday”‘s, but let’s face it, I’m obsessed with my birthday and think it’s one of the best days of the year (next to the whole Thanksgiving and Christmas season). My favorite part is probably the cake! Actually, while I love all of it, my favorite part is how it revolves around me. It’s super fun.

  • Maggie Cross

    Happy Birthday! It’s my 23rd Birthday today, too! This post totally made my morning :)

  • Anna Shah Hoque

    Happy B-day! This is such an awesome article, couldn’t have said it any better myself. I love my birthdays and really am completely egomaniacal *mwahahaha* lolz. I love that I get to reflect on my past year of events and experiences that make my birthday that much more to cherish. I love the feeling of knowing that on my birthday, I own the world! What other day in the year is made just for me? I think that birthdays are meant to be celebrated with much pomp and circumstance so that looking back at the end of life’s journey, you know that you appreciated every single year that came your way.

  • Rebekah Abigail Marie Fant

    It’s my (17th) birthday too! 😀

    • Rebekah Abigail Marie Fant

      I just like seeing family – I’ve seen most this year which is a pretty big achievement seeing how spread out we are, but I’ve travelled a LOT in the last week!

  • Jime Ys

    Happy B-day, girl!!! Loved your article, and the answer to your question is: definitely the cake 😉

  • Nikki Prowse

    I love everything about my birthday. I love that it’s a day just for me, that I get to call the shots, that I get to have cake (a lot of my family was totally wierded out last year when I announced that from now on I will be making my own cake), I love that it’s just days away from (sometimes on the day of) Thanksgiving and I get a giant feast! I love love love Presents! And I love that it’s a celebration of life! I love everyone’s birthdays almost as much as mine… a little less of course because I’m not the one getting presents.

    I hate that a lot of older (foul) people are always trying to rain on my parade. Telling my every year that “it’s nice to see someone to excited about a birthday but it’s just because you’re so young…” God, I hate those words, “you’re so young.” Shouldn’t they appreciate their birthday more because they’re “so old”??

    My dad is old as dirt and he still gets excited about his birthdays so I think that it’s not about how old you are, it’s more about your enjoyment of the life you’ve been given. Its a day just to celebrate yourself, take it and be happy about it. Do something fun, enjoy it with people you love and smile for all those lovely pictures!

    Heck we love birthdays so much we sometimes celebrate our UNbirthdays. Tea Party of course.

  • Maria A. Hernandez-Venegas

    Happy birthday to everyone else who shares my birthday!!! And, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! We should just have a giant HG birthday party because, like I’ve said before, we’d probably be BFFs.

  • Tagen Simpson

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  • Tagen Simpson

    So, apparently I don’t know how to use the internet… But also, Happy Birthday! I love birthdays, all of them, but especially mine. I figure you’re getting older whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, so you might as well celebrate the day you came into being. I also celebrate my (and others) half birthday! Next Sunday I will be exactly twenty-three and a half and I can’t wait! I also love Christmas (and Halfmas [June 25]), New Years, Pancake Tuesday, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving… Pretty much any chance to crack open the bubbly…

  • Ivan Remtoula

    Happy belated birthday! May you have an excellent health (also applies to people whose birthdays are in August). Mine is on September 9th and I’m turning 26. I love getting gifts and eating cake. Love to you all!

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