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This realistic makeup tutorial is going viral, because it sounds like all of us when we get ready

Watching professional makeup artists and models in their beauty tutorials can sometimes feel like you’re looking through a glass window into an expensive restaurant you’ll never afford. Many of us just don’t have the same time and expertise for our morning routine, so it’s no surprise this realistic makeup tutorial is going viral.

It’s refreshing to see a video that mirrors so many of our scrambled five-minute makeup routines, with the combination of old products, mystery products, and unwashed brushes. The Youtuber and comedian Tanya Hennessy took matters of unrealistic makeup routines into her own hands when she made her refreshing tutorial that highlights (pun intended) what doing makeup feels like when you’re hurried and not a professional.

First off, she applied a MAC Cosmetics primer that she shared was forcibly sold to her by an intimidatingly attractive woman.

Tanya Hennessy / www.youtube.com

Next, she applies her Maybelline Fit Foundation and jokes about how it brings out her natural facial hair.

So many of us can relate to this moment.

Tanya Hennessy / www.youtube.com

At one point, she takes a break to yell at her boyfriend (or husband) or random man in her apartment.

She then uses “something I bought” to fill in her eyebrows, and shares a moment of accidental smudging that we’ve all been a victim of.

Tanya Hennessy / www.youtube.com

While applying her brown eyeshadow, she shares that she hasn’t washed the black off her brush, so it might mix with the brown.

Then she shows us her bold lip choice, which is Chapstick.

Tanya Hennessy / www.youtube.com

Possibly the best moment of the tutorial was the end of the video when she struck poses for a satirical moment of self-indulgence.

Tanya Hennessy / www.youtube.com

You can watch the full tutorial below and feel validated in your personal makeup realities.

If nothing else, hopefully, this video will inspire you to dig up some old Chapstick and go for a bold lip.

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