This Bride's Entrance Reduces Her Groom To Tears!

Not a dry eye in the house:

  • Megan Cascindria Bancroft

    Uhm. I actually found this to be rather obnoxious and a little creepy.

    • Jessica Gentry

      I am glad there is no set “wedding protocol” and this was clearly perfect for the two of them but no thank you to any of this. I thought this was kinda gross and a little bit too much…it’s a ceremony not a performance.

      • Sandra Henningsson

        I thought it was really Beautiful!

      • Joseph Dufresne

        Just because you cant sing like that or did not have the idea your self does not mean you need to be a Debby downer on the persons video. It was Romantic! not to mention thoughtful and heartfelt, and probably her wedding gift to him. Like my Mama said, “If you can’t say any thing nice! Don’t say anything at all!” (I’m quiet a lot! lol) This goes for you too Miss Megan.

  • Katie Sutherland

    I thought it was very beautiful and I love when people really make their wedding theirs by doing something special. My husband and I did whatever we wanted for our wedding, created it right from our imaginations and I think it is 10x better than doing the completely traditional route.

  • Lauren K. Briggs

    This was really weird for me. It’s not my wedding, and I’m sure that this was super cute for the guy who’s bride is belting out a song at him, but to me it was an epicly out of tune, don’t-know-if-I’m-supposed-to-think-this-is-actually-good moment, where I would have just been standing there going “do I make eye contact!? Do I cry? No.. Don’t make eye contact! Maybe she will just forget why she came and go away…”

  • Maria Lopez

    My boyfriend just said “babe if you did that to me I would die….of embarrassment” and btw, I majored in vocal performance so it’s not because I’m a bad singer. This is just so awkward and creepy. Glad they enjoyed it though, to each their own.

  • Jessica Hickory

    I think that this was beautiful and even more so truly special. It shouldn’t be what we think but what it meant to those two. If you watched the groom he loved it and was so happy. So I think that is what is important that those two made their day be the best gift to themselves and each other.

  • Justin High

    Ehh. People watch too much Glee…

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