This Banned Kay's Jeweler's Holiday Commercial Is Really on PointGabi Conti

It’s the holidays! And you know what that means: Kay Jewelers commercials are EVERYWHERE.

You know the ones: the sappy music, the soft lighting, the beaming couple, complete with the “Every kiss begins with Kay!” jingle. They tend to interrupt your Katy Perry Pandora station.

Nice Piece Productions gets it.  In their latest piece, “Banned Kay’s Jeweler’s Holiday Commercial” featuring Brittani Louise Taylor they take, “the charm out of charm bracelet” and it’s hilarious.

  • James A Beck

    I can’t believe I had to give you all that information just for saying, “It’s a classic.”

  • Douglas Koebrich

    I despise the Kay commercials.

  • Nadeesha Rathnayake

    I think what you missed are the apostrophes of the “Banned Kay’s Jeweler’s Holiday Commercial.” [Hence the confusion as mentioned above] :)

  • Karen Taylor

    So this isn’t really what you claim it is. It is not a banned Kay Jewelry ad. It is a parody of a Kay Jewelry ad. Your headline, if true, would be a notable story, depending on why it was banned. That’s what I came here to read about. Unfortunately, the headline is not true. The parody may be hilarious, but your misrepresentation is not.

    • James A Beck

      Do you really believe everything you see and read on line, or Facebook? Merry Christmas anyway.

    • Gabi Conti

      Hi Karen. Apologies for the confusion. That’s just the name of the video. You can see from my blurb , video and tags that this is a comedy parody. Happy holidays!

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