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This third wheel created the funniest Instagram account to cope with his odd man out status

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been a third wheel. (A lot of us should be raising our hands right now, it happens to the best of us). Peter Alden feels your pain. As Buzzfeed reports, Peter, a 29-year-old 3D interactive software startup employee, hangs out a LOT with his brother Ben and Ben’s fiancé Maria (who also happens to be Peter’s best friend).

Peter spends lots of time with Ben and Maria (he even used to live with them) and he started jokingly photobombing the couple every time they tried to take a sweet photo.

The pictures became so popular amongst their inner circle (Peter and Ben’s mom, in particular, is a big fan of the recurring gag) that Peter started an Instagram account entitled “imnotathirdwheel” and started posting the photos there.

“[The account] ends up being the talk of a lot of parties,” Peter explained to Buzzfeed. “People want to know who takes the photo, they want to be ‘a guest couple’, they want to suggest ‘ideas for the next third wheel photo’…”

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