Hayden Panettiere recently talked to Glamour magazine about her infamous misspelled tattoo, saying, “It’s Italian: Vivere senza rimpianti. When I was younger, I was upset, and my dad said he wanted to show me something. He slammed one door of the bathroom, and the closet door popped open—it was a trick with the air. He said, ‘Whenever one door closes, another one always opens.’ So my tattoo means ‘Live without regrets.’ It’s not that you don’t regret things in life, but you at least try to learn from them. It’s misspelled too [accidentally, as rimipianti]—so I literally have to live by that advice!” Hayden may not believe in living with regrets, but these 10 celebrities are definitely regretting their tattoo choices… as evidenced by their desire to remove or alter them.

Check out these 10 celebrities who regret their tattoo choices. Whether they are undergoing laser removal or having their designs altered, we’re sure they’ve learned their lessons when it comes to getting inked. What are your thoughts on tattoos?



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  1. I’m more perplexed by the crappy quality of most celeb tattoos. Like, you’ve got the resources, go to someone amazing, and for glob’s sake stay out of the tanning bed when you’ve got new ink XD

  2. It comes as no surprise that half of these are the names of past lovers. # 1 rule of ensuring you won’t regret your tattoos – don’t get tattoos of people’s names (unless they are memorials).

  3. I have a full sleeve and plenty of tattoos everywhere and I love them all!!
    Sure they may not have the same meaning to me now as before, but they represent certain times in my life. Tattoos are a commitment, and not everyone really understands that. “Regretting” tattoos is kind of silly to me. Don’t get it if you’re not sure about it.

  4. The captions are high on the right column – I did miss that the first time. Thanks for sharing!

    I spent about 10 years planning for my first tattoo, and it evolved so often for so long. I watched ALL the “INK” reality shows, and I love the art of tattooing and the many meanings people give to something they want etched on themselves forever – or, on the opposite end, the complete lack of foresight when getting something spontaneously inked. I learned a lot of lessons there.

    My deal with myself was that I wasn’t allowed to get my tattoo unless all the elements stayed fixed in my brain for at least 6 months. I doodled it in the places I was thinking of getting it, and made modifications based on my conversations with friends with tattoos and kind tattoo artists. I actually had the design for 12 months before I got it as a present to myself last year. I still love it, but my only regret is that everyone thinks it’s an angel or a fairy. This isn’t self-promotion, but I wrote about it here:

    I’m afraid of lettering, because of spelling or stretching over time – has anyone had that happen to them?

  5. The two commenters above…. you lot clearly don’t pay attention… if you click on the photo and look to the right of your screen… right below ‘Contact Us, The Shop, and Contribute’ you will find the explanation behind why the celebrity in the photo wants their current tattoo/tattoos removed.

  6. there are captions guys… check the top right.

  7. It would be helpful if these photos had captions, such as who they are, what their tattoo says, and why they regret it.

  8. this is silly, you post pics and dont tell the stories behind the tattoos or the regrets…lame

  9. How do you know 50 Cent or Pharrell or the last one (Emma Watson?) or any of them regret their tattoos? Fine if they’ve covered ti up with something else or had it lasered… but you didn’t tell us how. I think this article needs more content.

    • Are people being stupid? There are texts and sources on the right side guys…. *facepalm*

      • I think most readers had this problem. It’s a problem with the GUI not with the reader. Also don’t be a grouch.

      • you dont have to be so rude, btw…must be your time of the month…take a lavender bath honey <3

      • It’s bad website programming… On some screens, the captions might show up just to the right of the picture… On others (like mine), it’s all the way up on the top of the page, nowhere near the picture… So, very easy to miss.

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