Things You Can Do to Get Ready For the ‘Hunger Games' Movie

It’s only a matter of days before we hit the midnight showings of The Hunger Games. We’ve read all the books; some of us have read them multiple times. The excitement has been built up since the movie was announced and rightfully so. We came up with dream casts until the actual cast was announced. The movie trailer made us cry. Scouring the Internet for new images or clips of the movie has become a daily routine.

You want more, though. I know I do. Here’s a list of things you can do to get ready for the movie release on Friday, March 23rd.

  • Write Katniss & Peeta fanfic. Do you think Suzanne Collins got it wrong? Do you wish a scene was extended? Did you want Katniss and Cato to have a special moment? Here’s your chance to get it all right. Ship those characters to your heart’s content.
  • Watch Hunger Games trailer reaction videos.  Do you wish you recorded your first viewing of the trailer? No? Well, hundreds of teenagers and adults (me) have done it.  My video may have been done after watching the trailer a few times. I call this ‘acting’.
  • Start (or continue) using Hunger Games language in your every day conversation. If someone asks for a volunteer at school or work jump up fast and say, “I volunteer as tribute!” May the odd be ever in your favor doing this though.
  • Braid your hair like Katniss. Who doesn’t love a post-apocalyptic society braid?
  • Create your own #teamgale #teampeeta t-shirts and wear them every day until the premiere. I would probably wash it in between wearings though.
  • Start asking yourself, “What Would Peeta Do?” WWPD? If that doesn’t work just bake pita bread
  • Set up a filter/auto-responder on twitter for anytime someone mentions #TheHungerGames tag.  This may be the scariest thing I wrote on this list that I tried.
  • Go see Journey 2 as Josh Hutcherson pre-gaming.
  • Create a YouTube videos with screencaps from the trailer with your favorite song.
  • Eat squirrel meat so you have more in common with Katniss. Be sure to get it from a reputable tree.
  • Register as a citizen of Panem and when you don’t get District 12, lie to everyone so you can be in the same District as the main characters. Get someone to Photoshop you an ID to back that lie up.
  • Whistle to birds in trees to see if they’ll repeat that tune back to you.

What are you doing to get ready for The Hunger Games movie?

Image via The Hunger Game Movie

  • Danielle Walker

    i don’t think i can handle more hunger games nerd-ing…i’ve already done my fair share. if i nerd out any more, i think i’ll explode from excitement.

  • Geanna Marín

    I’m participating in a HG Fanfic contest, actually. 😀

    • Danielle Walker

      oooo post a link to it!

    • Geanna Marín

      I’d like to, but unless you can understand Spanish it’d be meaningless because the contest is in Spanish =/
      But I do have some HG fanfics on my profile:

  • Laura Mounts

    No! No team Gale or team Peeta! This isn’t Twilight!

  • Sarah Beth Pennington

    I’m upset because I didn’t get District 12 and I’m from WV originally. That’s where District 12 is centered! My family is miners. I’m crushed. lol

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Hahahaha LOVED this! 😀 I’m super excited for the movie! Maybe I’ll give the fanfic a try, since I haven’t read “Mockingjay” yet and I want to make sure Katniss and Peeta will have a happy ending (not really teaming, but Peeta is my favourite character, followed by Cinna and Caesar Flickerman! OK, maybe Finnick, too. Anyway) WWPD is So going to be my thing! Happy Hunger Games, everyone! 😀

  • Sammi Martinez

    I’ve eaten plenty of squirrel meat seeing as I’m white trash from Kansas.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll pass on the squirrel meat, thanks. I’m nerding out by making Hunger Games inspired food:

    And yuck, knock it off with the Team Gale/Team Peeta stuff. This isn’t Twilight, wish people would stop making it out to be!!

  • Edward Hansen


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  • Ella Fanger

    I love this beyond words. I just saw the movie, and now I’m having Post-Hunger Games-Syndrome. It would be fantastic if you could write an article on how to fill your hunger games-hungry mind after seeing the movie.

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