11 things you NEED to get at Zara's mid-season sale


It’s that time again; that time when millennial women flock with comfortable shoes in tow and girlfriends in arm. When your wallets are crying but they know the pay off will be worth it. When our closest are begging us to feed them and for once we listen. Behold, Zara’s midseason sale. The fast-fashion retailer known for their on-trend pieces is also known for their fabulous sales.

So if you’ve been saving up to buy that perfect pair of black mules or the one red blazer you just NEED, it’s finally your chance. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest pieces on sale, from the effortless leather bra top you’ve always needed to those chrome boots you saw in your dreams. And with no piece pricier than $60, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. So don’t be shy, try something new and don’t forget to check the men’s section for the perfect coat. No need to thank us.

1This pleated midi skirt


Pink midi skirt, $34.95

2These chrome ankle boots


Silver ankle boots, $34.95

3This painted jacket


Painted jacket, $49.95

4This faux leather top


Faux leather top, $11.45

5This velvet dress

Velvet dress, $9.95

6These ripped jeans


Mom jeans, $24.95

7This cropped sweatshirt


Cropped sweatshirt, $11.45

8This men’s coat


Slogan coat, $59.50

9This frilly cardigan


Cardigan with frills, $14.95

10This bodysuit


Bodysuit with cords, $14.95

11These slingback


Ballerina slingback, $14.95

Happy shopping, sisters!

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