Things That SoulCycle Taught Me

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– I am stronger than I think I am.

– I set my own limits.

There was no Kumbaya when the class ended (I hate post-exercise Kumbayas). Our instructor congratulated us for not dying (okay, maybe those weren’t his exact words) and we just filtered out of the room, red-faced, sweaty, and relieved into the 26 degree cold which never felt so good.

My Bad Influence friend caught up to me, checking in on my SoulCycle de-virginizing.

“So? How was it?”, she asked.

“Good. Hard. Good. I think.” Those were the only words I could process.

On the walk home, I reflected. The constant, yet not overly excessive encouragement throughout the class kept me pedaling, knowing that if I wanted to stop, nobody would stop me. In that room, for 45 minutes, I forgot that room was filled with people – it became the Me Show. Turns out as much as SoulCycle is a community (and it is), you’re your own island in it. The class demographic is as varied as a NYC street on a Sunday afternoon and everyone on one of those bikes was new, once. Everyone there once feared that first class. Some people still fear their second. And the fear isn’t driven by the strenuous exercise – it’s driven by us, the cyclers. The fear is a fear of self-acceptance; of realizing sometimes we can push ourselves to extremes greater than we think we can achieve. And I pushed. And I achieved.

Last weekend, I left SoulCycle proud of myself and I think, in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

So what is SoulCycle?




“so f’n hard”


“worth it”

You should go.

Featured Image via SoulCycle

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  • Dana Maria

    I wish I could go, but, unfortunately, many women cannot afford the $35/class price tag…

  • Elizabeth Humphrey

    I have a question in regards to this article, what exactly is “SoulCycle”? Is it just a work out routine? Honestly this is the first I have heard of this and just somewhat curious if it’s working out in a gym w. strangers doing a set routine? Why not just go for a truly real bike ride? Not everyone who reads this lives in an urban area, actually most of the country doesn’t live in NYC or LA….. but all in all we all need exercise..(that’s what i am looking to find, some easy workouts) thanks.

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