Things That Annoy Me While I'm PMSing

It seems like the week before my period, I’m just over it and I go back and forth between sobbing my eyes out and hating life and all it entails. Ding ding ding, step right up, world! You’re in for the experience of a lifetime when I’m PMSing and ready to punch everything ever. Here’s a short list of things that have annoyed me beyond belief in the past 48 hours:

  • Not being in bed
  • Band names with symbols/weird characters/anything other than letters in the alphabet in them
  • Emails from anyone
  • Twitter/Facebook as a whole
  • Indecisiveness
  • The way my clothes fit (or rather, don’t fit)
  • Someone knocking on the door and waking up my dog when I only just got him to go to sleep
  • The fact that I don’t have pizza
  • Having a stupid headache that won’t go away
  • My mascara smearing the second I put it on, making me feel completely inept
  • Needing to do housework but not wanting to
  • When websites don’t load correctly
  • “News” stories about who Taylor Swift is/isn’t dating
  • Not being rich
  • Thinking about how stupid some of the laws in place in different countries of the world are
  • Getting company newsletters/offers I never signed up for to begin with
  • How Rihanna posts pictures of herself nearly naked on her Instagram, immediately followed by screencaps of Bible scripture
  • People whose heads are too big/small for their bodies
  • Being unable to find a matching pair of socks… like, WHERE ARE THEY?
  • Going upstairs for something and accidentally coming back downstairs without it
  • Overly helpful sales people
  • Stock photography
  • Being asked questions I’ve already answered/can be Googled
  • Constantly feeling on the verge of tears
  • Looking in the mirror
  • Wanting to have sex but being too tired for it
  • Pedestrians who stand in the middle of the sidewalk like I haven’t got places to go
  • There being nothing I want to watch on primetime TV
  • Glee
  • My inability to pick anything up without immediately dropping it on the floor… repeatedly
  • Food being stuck to a dish when I’ve forgotten to soak it right away
  • Having to change the toilet paper roll on the holder when it’s run out
  • Exclamation points
  • The sound a can of Diet Coke makes when you open it
  • Having something I say/do being misunderstood
  • When people with carts full of items don’t let me in front of them at the market when I’ve got ONE thing to pay for
  • Being a stereotype of the moody, PMS-ridden woman
  • Everything

So there you have it. That all being said, I do on occasion catch myself getting in an absolute state over something completely trivial and laugh at how insane I’m being, but it still happens. Bring on the blood so I can return to some semblance of sanity.

Do you experience bad PMS? What annoys you the most before your monthly cycle?

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  • Brittany Vadalabene

    We have a lot in common here… especially the not being in bed thing. That’s seriously the worst, ugh!

  • Caroline Jeffery

    so the sound of a can of Diet Pepsi being opened doesn’t get on your nerves? ;-P

  • Laura Enns

    Yes to most of it. But I would add, “anyone speaking to anyone about anything at any volume within 10 miles of me.”

    • Jennifer Still

      I’m so on board with this. That could have been my entire entry!

    • Kiki Smith

      Ha, YES!

  • Mentha Hoekstra

    Basically… everything… And having to cry about anything imaginable frustrates me even more and makes me cry even more. It’s a vicious cycle…

  • Calette Trujillo

    the rihana one gets to be even when I’m not pmsing lol you’d think I’d unfollow her but her bizzare life makes mine feel normal.

  • Jeannette Kirchner

    Add on having a husband who points out— Oh, it’s must be “that” time? Like if I already didn’t know…. don’t need your rubbing it in my face. lol

  • Ximena Santillan Guerra

    My love/hate for Glee , when m body aches even when lay on my bed, when i want to eat something but i dont now what and thinking omg i’m getting fat :S!

  • Pamela Munn

    The alarm clock, getting out of bed, work, slow walking people anywhere, anyone in my way, Access Hollywood, the phone ringing,

  • Lina White

    Definitely the constant stream of tears and being over-emotional abt anything possible! :p

  • Erin Kowalsky

    I second this list! Except its not just exclusive to PMS, it’s mostly everyday of my life. :)

  • Deborah Andrews

    Can I add being constantly hungry for an fictional food that I never find, so I end up eating everything in the world and NEVER feel full or satisfied.. Then in the morning I feel like a whale. And also I usually gain 8 lbs of water weight, so pleasant! >:(

  • Ju Li

    I work in retail so basically EVERY costumer annoys me – why do they even have to talk to me? Sometimes I feel like slapping people who annoy while I’m PMSing.
    And also people that are slow, doesn’t matter in which respect and who don’t get out of my way quickly enough. Oh and did I mention I’m practically wolfing down everything that resembles chocolate or crisps (so bascially everything unhealthy).
    I feel like a helpless victim to my hormones sometimes…..

  • Elizabeth Stemmer


  • Laura Schulte

    I stopped tv shows I knew would be emotional (I am looking at you Private Practice and Grey’s!) because I just randomly start crying. When people die, live, look at each other meaningfully, or breath

    • Laura Schulte

      *stopped watching

  • Elisabeth Miller

    That nasty bloated feeling; retaining so much water that your jeans don’t fit…

  • Jaime Lynn Devenney

    i am constantly driven to tears by those abused animal commercials. Sarah McLaughlin knock it off!

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