They Dont Make Em Like They Used To

I’m sure at some point over the holidays whilst spending time with family and friends, the idea of a game was thrown into the mix to entertain and giggle along with.  Though the traditional board game has a lot of competition nowadays with PS3, Wii, XBox and the like, you just can’t beat the old skool retro classics, right? I used to love Simon – I remember getting the pocket version for Christmas when I was about 9 and sneaking to play it late at night under the covers so mum couldn’t hear the bleeping. Oh, I felt so naughty!  They have made a new version, but it’s just not the same.  Have you got a favourite game that reminds you of your childhood?  Which game will never be reproduced anywhere near its original classic?  Choose from some of the ideas below or tell us your own pick in the comments section.  Vote now!

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