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These are just *some* of the ways that Planned Parenthood has helped the HelloGiggles editorial team

Last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that the Republicans are making moves to strip Planned Parenthood of all of its federal funding. Another way to say that is House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that the Republicans are planning to take vital healthcare away from anybody who isn’t wealthy, especially if that healthcare focuses on helping women.

By defunding Planned Parenthood, the government will take away access to the only affordable healthcare for nearly five million women, men, and teens.

HelloGiggles stands with PP, always and forever. Last week, HG writers told you how Planned Parenthood has helped them prevent cancer and why it would be horrific to lose their services, how PP provided the sex education they couldn’t get elsewhere, how PP guided them through an abortion without shame or stigma, how PP took care of them when they were sexually assaulted.

We want to continue putting faces on the millions of people who benefit from Planned Parenthood. Below are just some of the ways that Planned Parenthood has helped the HG editorial team.

When extreme politicians talk about "defunding" Planned Parenthood, they mean blocking low-income peoples' access to care.

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“Where do I start? I got my HPV vaccine at Planned Parenthood when I was 22 and had no money or health insurance. I get year supplies of birth control there. I’ve been there for UTI’s, Pap smears, STI testing, and pregnancy tests. I’ve lost and switched insurance probably 7 times in the last three years, so I don’t have a consistent primary care physician or a regular gyno. PP is the most consistent doctor in my life.” — Madison Vanderberg, Senior Editor

“In college, I was afraid of involving my parents (who are wonderful but ultra old school and conservative and think a teen girl has no right sexually involving herself with other people when she should be studying) when it came to birth control and Pap smears, so I always booked appointments at a Planned Parenthood nearby campus. I received birth control pills for an entire year and a yearly pap smear, as well as an annual STD test, because hey, best to be safe (and all free of charge). There was no judgement, and my doctors always took the time to educate me on what options I had. They made me feel safe, and that’s what healthcare should 100% always aim for.” — Gina Vaynshteyn, Editorial Director

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