The Worst Interview in the History of Dance

Growing up, I, Shelby Fero, always dreamt of becoming an ace reporter – digging up scoops and giving hard-hitting interviews. I’d even have my own cool Edward R. Murrow sign-off like “I’m done now!” or, “Goodnight and Good Luck!” (I wasn’t very creative or original as a kid.) So when I was offered the chance to interview David Arquette and his partner Kym Johnson behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars, I did what any other Lady/Professional would do to prepare: ate two bags of jellybeans and wondered if he was that guy in Scream or not.

So here I present to you, what is correctly titled, The Worst Interview in the History of Dance.

Oh, and watch Dancing with the Stars every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. I won’t, but you should and tell me all about it. Also, remember to vote for David Arquette and Kym Johnson!

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