Emily Engaged

The Wedding Planner

So … I’m engaged. It really is a crazy thing. You go straight from being in a normal relationship, to being deliriously happy, to worrying about a wedding. All of a sudden the planning isn’t just about my carefully cultivated Pinterest boards but about our collective budgets, schedules and guest lists. I’m faced with the sudden realization that the perfectly quirky, rustic, outdoor wedding I’ve always wanted may not be a reality. It’s only been a month, but it’s driven me a little insane so far. My stress level is definitely a tad high and may have culminated in the making of a late-night wine float.

That being said, it’s also a very exciting time. At the risk of sounding cliche, or just annoying, it’s the most surreal feeling to realize that someone wants to hang out with me for (eek!) life. There’s a person out there that actually wants to talk to me every night, attempt to make dinner with me and support my Harry Potter re-reading habits.The scary planning stuff – that’s where you all come in. I’m going to be writing about my trials and tribulations and telling you guys the truth about what it’s like to plan a wedding, wine floats and all. I might even ask for your help making decisions, because I’m crazy like that. You’ll be the Jennifer Lopez to my bratty blond chick, as long as you don’t steal Matthew McConaughey in the end.

Until next time, Giggles!

Image via Preppy Chic Blog

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