The Unmask Campaign

Everyone needs to watch this video. It is simple, beautiful and something we need to hear more often. Here is their mission statement:

“Welcome to the launch of our #Unmask campaign video.

Media, advertising, Photoshop and society’s own obsession with the cult of celebrity has distorted the meaning of beauty, making us feel the pressure to look perfect and making us feel like we are not enough.

We hope to empower people to embrace who they are and let the inner light shine through, because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and, of course, all skin types, too.

So like, share and tweet The #Unmask Manifesto, our #Unmask Facts, and this #Unmask video.

And remember: you are enough.”

Thank you to #Unmask for this! We all need to hear it more often. You are enough.

  • Elaina Joanne Najera


  • Sophia Fiorenza

    Thank you. More please?

  • Emily Huth

    It is a really good message and we all do seriously need to hear it. But is this the same Riversol company that makes skincare products that treat rosacea? Because that would kind of be a mixed message..

  • Sílvia Juncà

    Note To Self from now on every second I need it: I AM ENOUGH. Talk about a powerful affirmative sentence. THANK YOU!

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