The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide For The Unemployed

As someone who lives paycheck-to-paycheck, I’ve had to put Christmas shopping off as long as possible. My rent, car payment and credit card bill had to come first, sadly, so that I knew how much money I was able to spend on those I love dearly.

I know I’m not alone in this, so I’ve created a last-minute Christmas gift guide for those who had to wait to shop because of funds, or simply because they suffer from the all-too common ailment referred to as procrastination. Trust me when I say that anyone, boy or girl, employed (jealous!) or unemployed, will be happy with any of the items listed below:

1. Gas Gift Card
We all know that gas prices seriously suck, so help your broke friends and family members out by giving them a worry-free tank of gas. Who knows, maybe they’ll use it to pay you a long overdue visit.

2. Trader Joe’s Gift Card
Poor people want to be healthy too, and Trader Joe’s is my personal favorite when it comes to getting unique snacks and side dishes that don’t give extra love to my love handles. After all, the unemployed/financially-challenged can’t afford a gym membership or $150-a-month Pilates classes, so healthy food is a must.

3. Target Gift Card
A Target gift card goes a long way thanks to the store’s low prices. Not to mention you can buy anything from cleaning supplies to underwear to food all in one place, which saves time and gas! And the gift cards themselves are adorable, making this a cute and useful gift.

4. Amazon Gift Card
This site has everything, from textbooks to fun books to electronics, all at an affordable price. Like a Target gift card, this gift goes a long way.

5. Movie Theater Gift Card
Movies are a great distraction from money problems, and movie theater gift cards eliminate the guilt broke people feel when they spend $20 they don’t have on a ticket and popcorn.

6. Netflix Subscription
The unemployed have a lot of free time on their hands, and they also can’t really afford cable. A Netflix subscription will save them money and provide endless entertainment thanks to the never-ending supply of Watch Instantlies. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, and thus it’s well worth the money.

7. Petco Gift Card
Pet food is ridiculously expensive, so a break from shelling out $40 for one bag of little brown nuggets would be much appreciated. Hint, hint.

8. Stamps
I hate spending money on things like this because, to me, they’re just little square stickers that take a piece of paper from one place to the next. As weird as it sounds, a book of stamps is sure to bring a sparkle to any unemployed person’s eye, trust me.

9. A Bottle of Fancy-Pants Wine
Cheap wine gets the job done, but it obviously isn’t as delicious as the extravagant wine. Plus, it’s a gift that gives back because the gift-receiver will most likely share it with the gift-giver. Win win!

10. Lottery Tickets
Enough said.

11. A Job
Just kidding. But seriously, that’s what every unemployed person wants the most, duh!

Avoid the holiday crowds and the out-of-the-size-you-need blues by buying gifts that are affordable, useful and easy to grab at the last minute. Lower stress levels make Christmas extra merry for the unemployed, and the above gifts will do just that.

Happy holidays and safe travels from your ‘fun’employed columnist (and her cats too)!

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