The Ultimate Hipster Proposal

Recently, they’ve become the butt of the joke. The very mention of them conjures up images of thick-rimmed glasses, pixie haircuts and the rejection of mainstream trends which has, ironically, become quite trendy. But there’s a reason Hipsters are taking over the world and not just the closets of the entire NBA. Their creativity, unique tastes and well-educated swagger is impossible to resist. Especially when you see all three of these traits showcased in a super romantical marriage proposal with such great production value, you feel like you’re watching a commercial for Google. Remember when The Office parodied the wedding video during the ceremony for Jim and Pam? Well, this would be a dream twist for Kelly and Ryan, just sayin’. This lip-dub proposal has everything from a guy “making it rain” with a wad of post-its to a choreographed street dance with members of a marching band. The bride-to-be in this video is so adorable and you can see how touched she is during the entire ride. And what an incredible way to include their friends and family in one of the best moments of their lives! In yo’ face, Jumbotron.

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