The Ultimate Hipster Proposal

Recently, they’ve become the butt of the joke. The very mention of them conjures up images of thick-rimmed glasses, pixie haircuts and the rejection of mainstream trends which has, ironically, become quite trendy. But there’s a reason Hipsters are taking over the world and not just the closets of the entire NBA. Their creativity, unique tastes and well-educated swagger is impossible to resist. Especially when you see all three of these traits showcased in a super romantical marriage proposal with such great production value, you feel like you’re watching a commercial for Google. Remember when The Office parodied the wedding video during the ceremony for Jim and Pam? Well, this would be a dream twist for Kelly and Ryan, just sayin’. This lip-dub proposal has everything from a guy “making it rain” with a wad of post-its to a choreographed street dance with members of a marching band. The bride-to-be in this video is so adorable and you can see how touched she is during the entire ride. And what an incredible way to include their friends and family in one of the best moments of their lives! In yo’ face, Jumbotron.

  • Abbie Conners

    this brought a wee tear to my eye, the reaction on the girls face the whole way through is priceless

  • Rachel Alderman

    Holy cow…that was amazing. i bawled my eyes out. What a cool group of family and friends

  • Lisa Lopes-Marks

    This has got to be the most touching things I’ve seen in a very long time! I’m bawling…and it’s a good ugly cry! Please watch!

    • Makenzie Weekes

      I am so glad I am not the only one. I was crying so hard. This was amazing. So beautiful.

  • Colleen Sweeney

    I wonder what the neighbors thought watching this go down, but what an adorable proposal!

  • Andrea Hardy

    I LOVE THIS! So very sweet and great production. Every base was covered and the whole family was involved. Kelly and Ryan could use some of this! And yes, I was wiping my eyes the whole time! Great story Chrissa!

  • Tommi Partanen

    Just had to watch this twice, on the second time round on fullscreen just to see her reactions! Awesome labour of love no doubt!

  • Lisa Palombi

    This was amazing!! How in love he in with her to plan all of that! :) Made my day!

  • Carly Herron

    This was fantastic!

  • Bobbie Aleen Hendron

    That was AMAZING!!! I just cried like a friggen baby! What a great guy/group of friends/ family! This was brilliant and… Ahhh. All the awesome proposals are starting to make guys look bad! Pi k if up, gents! Haha!

  • Johanna Sch

    The best part?! “Dancing Jews”, which is what that line has ALWAYS sounded like to me! 😀

  • Kathryn Ramirez

    this is awesome it made me cry!

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Just wow. I don’t know how anyone could top that

  • Amber Byrne Mahoney

    This is the best thing I’ve seen ALL DAY. What a rad idea!

  • Kara Ann Buxton

    That was adorable! Definitely made me cry…I am going to show it to my boyfriend haha!

  • Yoko Moonstar

    I’ve rewatched a million times because the crying feels so good.

  • Megan Alexander

    No, I am not crying, why would you suggest such a thing?

  • MJ Rojas

    Crying SO hard at work!!!!! This is so amazing. What a wonderful man, they will have many many years of happiness

  • Kay Wicker

    So sweet!!!

  • Kristell Gonzalez Alvarado

    Oh my God!! iam cry… ohhh Sweet <3 i love it

  • Amanda Gutierrez Chandler

    Every time I watch this it makes me cry! What a beautiful way to show his love. :)

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