The Ultimate 2012 Oscars Party Menu For Nerds

I’ve been throwing Academy Awards parties for more than a decade, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s nothing that people love more than cleverly named food items at an Oscars party.

I mean it. I can’t cook at all. But making annoyingly clever puns that combine the names of food items with films and people nominated for Academy Awards? Yes. THAT I can do.

In the past, the guests of Liz Brown’s Annual Oscars and Cheese Gala Festival Event (actual name), have enjoyed everything from Sean Penne to Johnny Dipp to  The King’s Peach Cobbler.  Don’t worry about mixing food items that don’t normally go together. Everyone will be so giddy with play-on-words glee, they’ll totally forget about the fact that Lord of the Onion Rings and Something’s Gouda Give don’t necessarily compliment each other taste-wise. Trust me. I saw a whole mess of people at my 2009 Oscars party wolfing down some ‘In Bruges-schetta’ with a fat hunk of Hugh PepperJackman Cheese. For realsies.

The Ultimate 2012 Oscars Nerd Academy Awards Party Menu:

(All recipes are culled from various internet sources, since the only cooking skill I have is heating up chicken fingers)





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