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The Top 5 Most Crush-Worthy Members of The 2012 USA Olympic Team

The Olympics are almost here which means I need to buy stock in Kleenex. I have already been brought to tears approximately eighteen times during the trials alone – add water-proof mascara to the list of necessities for my opening ceremonies party. As if watching athletes and parents alike breakdown in immense joy as years (many times decades) of blood sweat and tears culminate in a single moment of success wasn’t enough, Proctor and Gamble made it their mission to give everyone a total breakdown, highlighting the mother’s behind the athletes. Obviously, it goes without saying the Olympics are the greatest display of talent and dedication that exist today; the two-week series of events causes us all to become blubbering messes while wearing every red, white and blue piece of clothing we own. Perhaps the greatest gift this worldwide display of talent gives us, above and beyond the opportunity to make a daily U.S.A fashion statement, is the eye candy doing the competing. I’ll go ahead and admit it for all women out there; everyone would be lying if they said they haven’t already spotted at least three hopefuls in the race to land the coveted spot of their #1 Olympic Crush.

In honor of the pending gathering of the most insane athletic talent and hottest hotties the good old U.S of A has to offer, here is your round up of the Top 5 Most Crush-Worthy 2012 USA Olympic Team Members. Pull it together, dry your eyes and take note. You don’t want to miss a minute of these swoon-worthy men in action. GO USA!

USA Swimming Admittedly, the round up is a little top-heavy with newly minted members of the USA Olympic Swimming team, but it is no ones fault but their own. If you choose to walk around half-naked and appear on national television exclusively in small amounts of spandex, you are bound to be noticed. Let’s review the best-of-the-best, shall we?

1. Nathan Adrian: 100M Freestyle

The acronym O.M.G was literally created after an innocent, unsuspecting girl saw Nathan Adrian in a Speedo for the first time. With a body like that, who needs a list of redeeming qualities? Necessary or not, Adrian’s got them. Not only is this swoon-worthy swimmer a veteran Olympian, he is considered one of the fastest swimmers in the world, having held the American record in both the 50M and 100M Freestyle during his career. However, the water isn’t the only place Adrian is making waves (get your mind out of the gutter ladies.) On a personal note, he is a public health/pre-med major at Cal Berkley and is a self-proclaimed “kid at heart.” Any man who has tweeted that he spent his Olympic trial down time seeing Disney’s Brave and has openly admitted to the twitterverse that he wanted a singing Justin Bieber toothbrush is crush-worthy in my book; even without the bodacious bod to back it up. Despite the who’s who list that awaits below, Nathan has won the spot of my #1 Olympic crush. It’s tough to compete with a guy who is likely to rock out the Magic Kingdom with you for the day while looking like a real life prince charming.

2. Ryan Lochte- 200M Backstroke, 200M Freestyle, 200M Individual Medley, 400M Individual Medley

Almost every news media outlet has touted Ryan Lochte as the man who will rival Michael Phelps for the greatest swimmer in the world at the 2012 London Olympics; those who haven’t are too busy running his photo, flaunting him as the sex symbol or fashion icon of the games- these are the ones I read.  It was Bob Costas who said during an interview with Lochte that we have, as of late, seen more pictures of him shirtless than Matthew McConaughey. Well, I have seen Magic Mike and I still say keep the abundance of Lochte coming. Let’s not forget to mention that one of these most-talked about photo-ops involves him gracing the cover of Vogue, becoming only the fourth man to do so. We all know Anna Wintour approvals don’t come cheap, but I guess when you have your own rhinestone-covered sneakers, photo-shopped abs, a smirk that makes women everywhere forget Magic Mike ever graced the big screen and the talent to become the best swimmers in the world, it is hard for anyone to turn you down. I mean, who doesn’t love a good rhinestone sneaker? Or is it the photo-shopped abs that we keep coming back for? Tough call…

3. Cullen Jones- 50M Freestyle

Have you set your DVR to record every Olympic event that requires a swimming pool yet? Of course you have, but just in case you needed one more reason to stalk the pool, I introduce you to Cullen Jones. It must be something in the water, quite literally, because no matter where these human sculptures hail from they are certainly something to look at; Jones is no exception. While his 6’5” stone-like physique makes him one of sexiest swimmers in the games, it is his barrier breaking that pulls at our heartstrings. Jones is only the third African-American to make the U.S. Olympic Swimming team and just the second to hold or share a world record in the sport. And what is he doing in his free time? Leading the charge to teach America’s minorities how to swim. A body that won’t quit, a philanthropist and a passion that involves helping the little loves of our lives- I can almost feel the race to have Cullen Jones’ babies heating up.

Track and Field When it comes to Track and Field the list begins and ends with what some consider the most powerful men in the world- the decathletes.  The two athletes who will represent the USA in the grueling two-day, 10-event competition are or have been considered the greatest, most-powerful competitors in the entire world. Need I say more?

4. Trey Hardee: Decathlon

They say everything is bigger in Texas- Trey Hardee is the proof in the good lookin’ puddin’. Everything from his 6’ 5” stature to his thousand-watt smile screams Cowboy Casanova. Born and bred in Birmingham, Alabama but a die-hard Texas transplant, he represents a southern combination that is hard to beat and too hot to handle. By the way, he is currently carrying around the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete,” an accolade he earned after winning gold in the decathlon at the World Championships last year- no big deal. Despite his crazy talent and swoon-worthy muscles, his earning a medal in London will, no question, bring fans everywhere to tears, noting it would be considered a small medical miracle. After undergoing Tommy John surgery less than a year ago, there was little certainty that Hardee would make it to the Olympics, i.e. he is simultaneously the best athlete in the world while giving us somewhat of an underdog to root for. Get your Kleenex ladies- I am definitely cheering for this southern charmer to take the podium, giving each of you the opportunity to get your crush on while displaying your Texas Longhorn pride. Say it with me now, “Hook Em’ Horns!”

5.Ashton Eaton: Decathlon

Last on the list, but certainly not in our hearts, is decathlete Ashton Eaton. Let’s all welcome Ashton to the spotlight because it is shining bright on his immense amount of massive muscle. While he has been the talk of the track town for many years, being the 3-time NCAA decathlon champion, he has recently catapulted into the view of women all over the nation with his world-record breaking first place finish at the Olympic trials, with which he became just the second man to ever break the 9,000 point barrier. Not only did he narrowly beat out our other favorite USA Track and Field team member, he joins swimmer Ryan Lochte as Vogue royalty where his photographs leave just enough to the imagination. Ashton, welcome to the 2012 London Olympics- we are all going to be SO glad you came.

You may be thinking that there are hundreds more athletes competing for team USA at the 2012 London Olympic games and thirty or so sports that aren’t represented above (or you may not have fully comprehended anything after athlete one and two; understandable.) While it is true that there will be no shortage of sports with their respective hotties, the insane good looks and sheer amount of skin and muscle that has been shown during the Swimming and Track and Field trials had me looking no further for this top 5. I am willing to bet that the gentlemen we have just ogled over have the ability to “heat up” the competition- pun intended- like no one else in red, white and blue. So, enjoy the 2012 London Olympics ladies; sadly, this amount of sexy, err I mean talent, only comes around every four years. GO USA!

And, in all seriousness, congratulations and good luck to each and every athlete representing our nation in their respective sports- there are truly no words for your insane talent and dedication. We are all rooting for you!

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