The Top 10 Guys I Think Would Be Great DadsTorre Healy

In anticipation of the new ABC Family show, Baby Daddy, I have decided to make a list of the top 10 people I think would be great dads. I have to admit, narrowing this list down to only 10 people was incredibly hard for me. Before we get started, I feel obligated to give honorable mentions to some of my other ideal dads: Jason Segel, Seth Meyers and Channing Tatum.

1. Andy Samberg: The quality that matters most to me in a guy is a good sense of humor, and nothing makes me happier than a new digital short from The Lonely Island. Apart from being incredibly talented and hysterical, he is obviously ridiculously good looking. That’s something I wouldn’t mind passing down to my future child.

2. Ryan Gosling: Every girl loves him, and every guy wants to be him. I think every girl in America fell in love with Ryan Gosling after seeing The Notebook and every guy started envying him after seeing Drive. Apart from his awesome movie career, he’s like a real life superman. Name one other leading man that has saved a woman from a moving vehicle! I honestly feel bad for all my future boyfriends because I’m pretty sure they won’t live up to the standard Gosling has set.


3. Adrian Grenier: Adrian was my first real crush. I watched Drive Me Crazy on a nightly basis until my VHS tape finally broke (it was a really sad day). For awhile I forgot about my massive crush on Adrian, until a little show called Entourage was brought to my attention. While I love Vinnie Chase, I’d like to think he has grown out of his partying ways and is ready to settle down.


4. Jimmy Fallon: I grew up watching Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live. Where most girls had Titanic or JTT posters hung above their beds, I had a poster of Jimmy and Tina on Weekend Update. At one point, I taped a picture of my face over Tina’s but my Mom didn’t approve. As far as daddy material goes, it would be pretty cool to tell your kid their dad once slow-jammed the news with Barack Obama on national television.

5. Jesse Eisenberg: I remember the first time I saw Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland. At that moment I knew I believed in love at first site. First off, he is smart. He seems like the kind of guy who knows what’s happening in the world, but wouldn’t judge you for getting all your news from your twitter feed. I need that in a man. Secondly, he loves animals. He is a foster home to cats when he’s not too busy being nominated for Academy Awards and reading classic literature.

6. Adam Brody: Ever since middle school I have wanted to be the Summer to his Seth. Do you guys remember the episode of The OC with that epic reenactment of the Spiderman kiss? It’s honestly something I will never forget. Adam is the the perfect mix of cool and geek that every girl is looking for.


7. Robert Pattinson: You really didn’t think I would leave him off this list, did you? The thing I like most about Robert is that he couldn’t be less materialistic. Even after skyrocketing to the A-list, he wears the same clothes and drives the same car. It’s like he doesn’t know he is Robert Pattinson. The only set-back to being involved with Rpatz’ would be the thousands of death threats from Twi-hards. I have a feeling I could find a way to get over that though.


8. Andrew Garfield: AKA the new Spiderman. I mean, I hate spiders but I can definitely make an exception. Andrew seems like the kind of guy that knows how to treat a girl right. He’s the guy your parents (and you) hope you end up with.


9. James Franco: I feel like Ryan Gosling came along, and everyone just forgot about James Franco. Not me! James is probably the most impressive human being on the planet. In the midst of shooting Academy Award nominated films, he found time to enroll in 3 different colleges. If he can handle that, I’m pretty sure he can handle a baby.


10. Justin Timberlake: Justin succeeds in anything he puts his mind to. Singing, dancing, acting, comedy… he seriously does it all. You would think someone so talented would be full of themselves, but Justin is just confident. I can imagine him being the baseball coach for his kid’s little league games and singing lullabies to his baby when they’re crying a river.

Who do you think would be a great dad? Let me know in the comment section below!

Everyone make sure to watch the premiere of ABC Family’s new Comedy, Baby Daddy on Wednesday, June 20th at 8:30/7:30c. See video, photos, and cast info here!

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  • Beth Cook

    Great list, but I would like to add Josh Groban for your consideration…

  • Deannah Robinson

    Some may not see it, but I can only imagine Alan Rickman being a dad. That would actually be pretty awesome :-D

    • Alyssa Bradley

      YES! Oh my gods yes!

  • Александр Гордыман

    James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Adam Brody!

  • Tabea Strawcutter

    Zach Braff!!!

  • Jef Goelz

    how about a man this is actually, you know, Manly?

  • Kelli A Bren

    David Boreanaz, John Goodman, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith

  • Katie Gray

    And….I want his babies.

  • Katie Gray

    There is one I would add. Joseph Gordon Leavitt seems like he would be an awesome dad.

  • Leonela Perucca

    andy samberg!! (L) It’s hilarious and super hot :) and my number one since always.. Elijah wood!!

  • Jami Gunn

    James Franco and Jimmy Fallon

  • Jordan Vitale

    i love every single guy on this list! props

  • April Sutter

    Justin Timberlake? Really!? That guy is such a d-bag and Jessica Biel is crazy for wasting so much time on him.

  • Laura Parish

    A great list. :)
    It may sound strange but I’ve always found something sweet about Zach Braff. x

    • Torre Healy

      I un-ironically love garden state, girl!

  • Farrah Hawari

    Channing Tatum aswell ! <3 :D

  • Ana Carolina Leme Alvin

    What about Tom Hiddleston? I bet he’d be a great dad as well :D

  • Zana Totman McKinney

    Colin Egglesfield, currently on “The Client List” formally on “All My Children”…he is yummy…oh wait, um ah…he would be a cool dad.

    • Megan Smiley

      Definitely agree on that one! Thanks for reminding me about the show, I missed one episode a few weeks ago, and I’ve gotten behind. Now I know what I have to go watch :D But yes, definitely daddy material. If he’s not, then he’s just an amazing actor lol

  • Megan Smiley

    I definitely agree with Ryan, Jimmy and JT! And like some other commenters, I think that some other great daddies would be Josh Duhamel and Leonardo DiCaprio (I’ll love him forever!). And Torre, I felt (feel) the same way about Nick Carter :D I wanted to marry him when I was like 5, and I still wouldn’t mind now at 20 haha.

  • Michael Chingon Campos

    Mac Attack Is best! ;)

  • Katie Living Stone

    Luciana took my answer!

  • Luciana Horlle

    Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch!

    • Deannah Robinson


    • Sarah Gollhofer

      YES. I was going to say Benedict Cumberbatch, but I wasn’t sure that anyone would “get it.”

      Also, Josh Lucas Zachary Quinto.

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