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The Song Remains The Same: Song Lyrics That Relate To My Life

You know how you walk around with a song in your head all day long and how it’s totally about your life? Well, here are some that relate to mine.


Dynamite by Taio Cruz

1. “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ay-ho!” -Taio Cruz in Dynamite

I am very random and I like it like that.


Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

2. “Today I don’t feel like doing anything.”

I feel like that every day! If I could just chillax all day long, I would! Yes, I will admit, I am very lazy!


The Unicorn Song by Agnes

3. “Uni uni uni unicorns, I love unicorns.”

I am OBSSESSED with unicorns. I love them so much! Even more than that cat lady on the eHarmony video bio on YouTube!!!!!!


The Show Goes On-Lupe Fiasco

4.  “Alright already the show goes on.”

I see this all the time, people always look at the past, not the future. My friend brought up something bad about the past and I’m like, just let it go. I know this song has other meanings to it, but when I hear this lyric, it just reminds me that the show (my life) has to go on.


King of Anything by Sara Bareillis

5. “You dare tell me who to be? You are not me! Who made you king of anything?”

People always try to shape things about people (even me!) and um, excuse me? You are not me! I can tell myself how to act! Gosh.


We Are Who We Are by Ke$ha

6. “You know we’re superstars! We are who we are!”

I think the hardest thing is to remember who you are, to stay true to yourself, not to shrivel up when people tell you you are stupid (this happened to me!) Be psyched to be you! Don’t be hatin 😉


Rolling in the Deep by Adele

7. This is a great love song, mostly about a broken heart and I related to it when I was going through my own boy drama. And I love Adele’s voice, she’s so soulful and you could tell she meant it and that she’s going to get through it and that’s what I did, I got through it!


A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

8. “Look outside at the raincoats coming, say Oh! Ay ay ay!”

Again, I am very random and I love this song! So catchy!


And thank you to everyone who had great suggestions on Twitter!







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