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The Rock just shared the most powerful story about his dad on Instagram

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You may not know this (or expect it to be true), but The Rock has over 73 million Instagram followers. (Yeah, that’s more than Kendall Jenner’s got.)

Makes sense: Dwayne Johnson is a lovable celebrity who plays the tough guy in movies like the Fast & Furious franchise, but we all somehow know he’s a big softy when the cameras turn off.

Last year, The Rock even opened up about his battle with depression. After being barred from the NFL as well as a Canadian football team, all the rejection left him at a really low point. He had to reach out for help — and he encouraged people to do the same if they’re struggling with a mental illness.

Yesterday, The Rock shared another heartfelt moment.

Johnson posted a picture of himself and his dad — and the car he bought him for Christmas — on Instagram. In the caption, he told a heartbreaking yet inspiring story about his dad when he was a teenager.

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