The Raddest Chicks of He's My Brother's She's My Sister

LS: It’s our parents’ generation we’re putting our own spin on. We didn’t live through the sixties, thankfully. I’d be so saggy now. I’d have National Geographic breasts.

KOLAR & BROWN: [laughs]

KOLAR: My brother Rob had always been in a band, and I didn’t get along with his girlfriend. I wrote a song about her. Rob thought it was kind of fun and good. Lauren (Brown) is his current girlfriend of six years.

LS: Isn’t that awesome that he broke up with her and then started dating Lauren?

KOLAR: That was my plan.

BROWN: [laughs] That was the start of the band that I’m now a part of; a song written about my boyfriend’s ex.

LS: When you’re dating a boy, never ever mess with his sister. The sister has got to like you.

LS: What’s it like on the road?

BROWN: What is great about touring is that we’re all over the place exploring different parts of the country. I’m based in L.A. and she’s based in Ojai, but we don’t really live there.

KOLAR: Being the daughter of expats, I had the tendency to poo-poo America. What’s so unique about America is that there are these tiny little communities all around the country, and you go to these towns and everyone is super tight and supportive. Everyone is artistic. Good food, great vibes.

LS: Are we talking small town Mid West?

KOLAR & BROWN: Everywhere.

KOLAR: Every state has a magic town.

LS: Lauren, you tap dance and drum. How did you get into that?

BROWN: I got into tap dancing when I was a kid. I stayed with it from six- years-old until college. I came into this project because they were looking for a drummer. It’s evolved into me playing the drums and tap dancing simultaneously. I feel confident because I had to work through a lot of fear and insecurities to get to where I am now with it. If you mess up, everyone knows it.

KOLAR: No, they don’t know. I don’t even know.

LS: No way. I feel like people have a few drinks and think, “Wow that chick is tap dancing AND playing the drums.”

KOLAR: We’re the only show in town where it’s the men who take off their shirts.

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister just finished their sold out West Coast Tour, but it’s not too late to rock out with them. Check out upcoming dates on their site.

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