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‘The Rachel Zoe Project' Episode 4: Rodger Goes to Vegas and Rachel Moves Out

Hey TRZP enthusiasts, got your martini in hand? Some chamomile tea at least? I’m not gonna lie: You’ll need it.


We regroup in this episode with Rodge packing for Vegas and saying goodbye to Rach. Rodge makes it clear that he does not feel bad about leaving even though Rach is clearly still pissed off.

While Rodge is away, Rach does what anyone would do—invites her gay boyfriend over to have a Twilight marathon and eat popcorn. This proves two things: 1. Rachel is sometimes not working. At least long enough to watch Twilight. 2. She eats food sometimes. They pop some corn whilst making fun of Rodge, who is now on a private booze jet comparing his trip to Vegas to a baptism. Yeah, lost me too.

When they get there, Rodge makes a toast to his “beautiful, pregnant wife,” and “unborn child who I swear I love already,” so he gets a few points for that.

Fast forward fourteen hours later – we see a hungover Rodge wake up to a suite full of old food. “I don’t understand what we did last night,” he says, bewildered. We see some shots of him looking grossed out at a strip club, so there was that. When he tries to call home, Joey answers and tells him that they’re spending all his money on clothes. Again, what any of us would do, right?

Rachel is forgetting all about Rodge and spending oodles of cash on vintage Chanels, an Oscar de la Renta and so forth.  Joey Jokester says one dress cost “like 200,000 dollars.”

Rach says she feels like she’s at her most calmest since being pregnant and doesn’t really mind missing fashion week, even though it seems to have something to do with her campaign to own all of the designer dresses that exist in L.A. and surrounding cities. And if she is so calm, I really want to know why she’s causing me so much anxiety. Not gonna lie.

She makes a comment about the fact that pretty soon, her baby will take priority over her work. “Oh my God, how does it feel to become a human being?” says Joey. Couldn’t have said it better.

Rodge who is still in Vegas for a few more hours, watching the game, realizes that Rach will be even more pissed if he doesn’t come home with a gift, so he thoughtfully calls down to the concierge to go to Hermes and pick up a Berkin charm. Impressive.

Now I’m going to relive what were possibly the most anxiety-producing minutes in Rachel Zoe history. Don’t even talk about it. More than her new line being shown or the Taylor betrayal, this was major. As in majorly stressful. Jeremiah is tasked with furnishing Rachel’s new gigantic house, and oh, doing it perfectly or else he probably won’t have a job. Did I mention he has less than 2 weeks?

This assignment is EVERYTHING.

Side note: Mandana was in charge of moving them out of Rach’s old apartment, while Jeremiah handled furnishing the new house, and they forced Rach and Rodge to stay in a hotel and stay out of their hair while they moved everything. Miraculously, they lounge by the pool and resist the urge to meddle.

We all know that Jer probably gets the job done, but I just wanted to fast forward to those last five minutes when they show him fluffing the last perfectly arranged pillow as Rachel walks in the door.

I will spare you all of the grueling details of how he slept a total of three hours on the floor of the new house and almost went into cardiac arrest when the delivery guys didn’t show up with any of the furniture until the same instant all of Rachel’s stuff arrived from the apartment.

The fun part was seeing the job get done so well that Rachel was speechless as she walked through her new abode. Everything was white and beautiful, and they’ll feel like they live in a wonderful art-free museum.

The only problem now is that Rachel thinks Jer’s so good at this, he really should be doing interior design, not styling. So frustrating! But seeing as he’s had this much air time already, doesn’t that mean he’s here to stay for Season 4?

Do you like Jeremiah? What do you think of the new house?

Top image from DressedandEducated. All other images via BravoTV.