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This week the topic of convo at The Heatley Cliff is our intense relationship with our favourite coping mechanism… The List.

There is nothing like pulling out a fresh sheet of paper and writing down a list of items that you can check off as completed or refer to when trying to make decisions. We explored the psychological and social impact The List has on us as individuals, but what about “individuals” that have  impacted List Making and made it… notorious?

And yeah, I’m gonna list them out. Obvi.


1. Santa - His Good and Bad List is the best parenting tool of all time.


2. Rob Gordon from High Fidelity - Had a top five for everything. Liked his neurotic and caustic approach to lists. Best underachieving, alienating, self destructive list maker.


3. Moses - Granted he was dictated to but he gathered the materials and executed the task. Chiseled. In Stone. Just Sayin.


4. Rain Man - My list making power animal.


5. Casey Kasem - If you were born prior to 1982, you get the thrill of what it was like listening to the top 40 with Casey Kasem on that mythological device the radio. In Your Home. Not just in your car. And he was the voice of Shaggy. Enough said.


6.Martha Stewart - She's perfect so you know she makes lists... Plus, she's a cyborg/ alien hybrid and her lists are probably downloaded to her from her mother ship.

7.Richard Blackwell - The notorious Mr Blackwell and his dreaded 10 Worst dressed list... he scared and delighted me at the same time. Definitely the boogeyman of list makers for me.


8. Eva - Amy's daughter and the author of many a list that reminds me of the joys of being an eight year old and having "play with dollhouse" as a priority. And she likes to do hers in pink. Clever Girl.


So write this down on your To Do List…….1. Tune into The Heatley Cliff

  • Patricia Serrano

    I divide my life in lists… I have a list about everything! it makes me feel good!

  • Rachel Firmager

    Sometimes I’ll write something on the list, which wasn’t originally there, JUST so I can cross it off!

  • Cristina Moreno

    There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing out the things on your list. It’s so delicious.

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