The Nail ArtistsCorey Podell

Who knows where trends start? We do!  The summer of 2012 saw the Olympics and the Presidential election get virtually ignored by the public as #nailart became a growing trend, then phenomenon, then … a revolution.

Future history iBooks will surely  highlight the #nailart movement, if not dedicate several chapters with interactive features to it. The New York Times writes, “Girls in 2023 looking to make something ironic and cool again will treasure this passionate documentary.”

Join us as we follow the five girls that set out to change the world,  on the smallest canvas possible.

Written, directed and edited by Karolyn McKenzie

Photo by Karolyn McKenzie


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  2. I love it! I really do! You’ve created a new world for my hands!

  3. I love this! Hilarious. And that was definitely a cutepolish voiceover! I love nail art.