The Myth Of The Plan Fairy

As children we naively accept the existence of mystical beings like The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. These figures bring us presents, cash and candy. We share with them a magical time in our lives filled with innocence and wonder. At a certain point, however, we are forced to accept that these generous benefactors are not real. Everyone has some vague memory of first discovering the truth behind these fantasies. Yet, like a child who knows that Santa isn’t real but somehow still believes in the Easter Bunny, I find some of my adult friends have yet to come to terms with one of these myths. I hate to be the one to break the news to them, but somebody has to. Here it is, guys: the Plan Fairy does not exist.

The Plan Fairy is just what she sounds like, a fairy that comes down to a group of friends and bestows upon them plans for their evening. She can be summoned by the phrases, “We’ll just see where the night takes us” and “I’m up for whatever”. Believers can often be spotted in groups huddled outside of restaurants and apartments, waiting patiently for the fairy to arrive and deliver them a fun-filled evening. These huddles are often long and unfruitful, leaving those involved frustrated and annoyed. Much like Linus and his Great Pumpkin, many a night can be spent standing around waiting for this imaginary acquaintance to arrive.

Guys, she ain’t coming. I know this may be difficult to hear, particularly if you are among those allergic to making plans. However, just as your parents slipped cash under your pillow and presents under your tree, your planner friend is actually the one making these plans. You know those magical nights that seem to appear out of nowhere? They are actually the result of your planner friend’s careful research and hours reading Yelp reviews. She simply goes along with your charade because she doesn’t want to seem neurotic.

Well, it’s time to buck up and face the fact there is no Plan Fairy. Things don’t just happen, you don’t just end up somewhere fun. We just allow you to think this so that you can feel cool and spontaneous. Well, the jig is up. We’re tired of standing in these huddles of indecision. No one is going to drop a memorable night from the sky and it’s getting cold out here on the sidewalk. Allow us to do our research, make our plans and organize our carpools. It will save us all so much time, time that will be spent doing fun things rather than standing around doing nothing.

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