‘The Mortified Sessions': Celebrities Reveal Embarrassing Memories

High school memories are the worst, right? Even if you were popular, there’s always one moment you hope no one else remembers. I know that I am personally forever replaying cringe-worthy moments in my head, wishing I could relive it armed with the great comeback I now have. Celebrities, too, have these moments, and The Mortified Sessions hosted by David Nadelberg allows them to reveal all the details of some of their most awkward moments.

The Mortified Sessions started when David Nadelberg found a love letter he never mailed, and began a stage show where he talked about that awkward letter and the universality of that vulnerability and naïveté. Celebrities from the first season included Ed Helms, Megan Mullally, and Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to know what Bryan Cranston is hiding from his past – big bad Walter White isn’t afraid of anything!

The second season airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT on the Sundance Channel and I’m ridiculously excited already! Some of the people set to appear are Marc Maron, Kristin Bauer, Busy Philipps, Gillian Jacobs, Matt Walsh, Mark Duplass and many more. We have an exclusive clip of actress/comedian Rachael Harris, who currently is on New Girl, talking about how she asked a jock out to prom. I’m still cringing remembering how she did it!

This show is a relatable, real-life Awkward. and I really hope you tune in! Also check out their Twitter (@sundancechannel) as well as their Facebook for all the scoop on who’s appearing!

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