The Magic of Heating Pads

I am certain that every mother has that one cure, that one remedy for all things sick, achey and out of sorts. Some moms have a special liquid concoction. Others a special root or herb. Even others a homemade meal.  Maybe a topical ointment for a few. Whatever it may be (and believe me, I know your mom has one), they firmly believe it’s the one solution to all of your problems. It is THE trick, THE miracle aid, THE best option and it is put on repeat over and over again.

Growing up in my household, my mother was a HUGE endorser of the heating pad. In fact, she still is. It’s her cure all. Headache? Heating pad. Tight neck? Heading pad. Cramps? Heading pad. Charlie horse? Heating pad.  Stressed out? Heating pad. Cold feet? Heating pad. Pinky chopped off? Heating pad. Break up? Heating pad. Okay, maybe not for the break up.  In my adult life, it’s gotten to the point where I know she is going to tell me to use that heating pad before she even says it.

Me: ‘Mom, my back has been killing me. I think I might need to buy some new pillows.’

Mom: ‘Probably but in the meantime…’

Me: ‘Right, a heating pad.’

Even worse? Unbeknownst to her, I’ve already put the heating pad to use in many of these situations. She doesn’t even need to tell me because I’m already trained in the art and implementation of the heating pad. As an adult, a heating pad is such a staple in my life I find it shocking that others may not have one. And the reason I know others don’t have one? I catch myself using it as a solution to all of THEIR aches and pains when offering up advice. So, not only have I grown into many things that resemble my mother but now I have grown into her heating pad cure all endorsement. Could anything scream old lady status like a heating pad recommendation? I think not.

So, I’m curious. What is your mom’s cure all? What is in her bag of tricks? Inquiring minds want to know…especially as I sit typing this at my computer with the warmth of this heating pad at my back.

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