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Male Television Characters Who Have Made An Appearance In My Day Dreams

Television, American television, has produced so many characters, mostly male, that have gotten their place in my extremely active imagination, in my day dreams and fantasies. They have also been the subjects of long and heated discussions in classrooms with friends and also have had the honour of having their name engraved/written on the desks of my college (Yes! I am that girl). Most people know of my obsessiveness with calves and shoulders of men (sorry for the objectification), but only a few know about my list-making, day-dreaming, name-scribbling moments. Those were reserved only for a few friends and my sister, who had to sit through many seasons of TV series and have me gush over men. Now, it seems she is cut of a similar cloth.

I was rather in the closet about this side of me till I met Vasu in college. We watched almost the same shows and went gaga over the same guys. Well we did have the odd fights, like she was a true Armaan supporter and the Purab loving me could not stand that (Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, anyone?). She was also stubbornly camp Edward and I was taken by Jacob (I try to block out my Twilight fan girl days. But this is just about television, I forget).

The first American TV series I saw was Friends, apart from Disney stuff (From Disney, Gordon from the Lizzie Maguire Show, Justin from Wizards of the Waverly Place). Friends didn’t really provide much fodder for “hot men”. None were as intellectually stimulating or so beautiful that you will forgive the character’s lack of intelligence. Then came Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Prison Break, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Ally McBeal (I discovered it late in life), The Walking Dead, and very recently Being Human (the one from UK).

So here is the list and in no order of preference (it depends on what mood I am in):

Peter Petrelli (Heroes): I initially hated his floppy fringe that would get into his eye, but come season 2 and the new haircut, WOW! His quite resolve to do the right thing, fight to get out of the imposing shadow of his brother and mother and just his struggle to accept his power. There was some weird unresolved sexual tension between him and Claire, nothing happened there, as he was technically her uncle, but c’mon! Was it because they dated in real like? (I was very jealous of Hayden).

West (Heroes): He had a very small role, which is sad. But, wasn’t he oh-so-cute? Claire’s almost boyfriend. I was sad to see him go. I would have loved for him to take me to that beach.

Suresh (Heroes): Initially quiet scientist being pushed around by the company, but he later becomes quite the wannabe superhero. I would liked to see more of him.

Dr. Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy): I liked the initial years, especially when it was risky to date him as he was an attending, and all. I think I would love him in any role, him in Made of Honour, anyone? The silent, quiet conviction in his work and the whole “it is a great day to save lives people” gig worked like a charm. You should see my mother, apparently he is drool-worthy for all age-groups. The later years are very so-so. Not so impressive and well, just blah.

Dr. Alex Karev (Grey’s Anatomy): I didn’t like him much initially, when he was just an ass to everybody but when the whole Lizzie thing happened and we got to see a soft side, well… I still love him, even in the 9th season, I like how suddenly he is all vulnerable and you wonder where the tough Alex was.

(McSteamy never really features in my list, because I never thought I would be good enough for him. But he has his moments, especially with Lexi)

Dr. Gregory House (House M.D): How can you not love him? His humor, his love-hate relationship with Cuddy, his need to play a prank on everyone, need to know everything. I realize I may have listed a lot of not so desirable qualities, but they make him House. I like how he is so brusque with people, his inability to say emotional things and just well everything. I still hate my friend for running into him at a bookstore in Edinburgh.

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