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The Jonas Brothers Are Back and I'm Really Excited About It

I’m pretty sure I have a problem when it comes to the Jonas Brothers.

I saw Nick Jonas last month in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, and I loved it a lot. Not only was he completely talented, funny and amazing, but he also made me obsessed with him. When I got back to my hotel, I went on Tumblr and started tracking Nick Jonas. I followed all the Jonas blogs, reblogged everything Jonas and downloaded all their songs (again). I pretty much picked up my obsession with the Jo Bros from where I left off.

I was a diehard fan from 2007-2010. I forced begged asked my grandfather to take me to one of his charity events where the Jonas Brothers were performing. He said yes. I died. That day, I felt like it was the biggest of my life. I remember asking my aunt Erin, “Should I wear my froggie earrings or my turtle earrings?” because I thought it mattered so much what earrings I wore. I also remember having to take deep breaths and telling myself to “Calm down, Mikaela!” I brushed my hair close to 10,000 times and I set my outfit out not one, not two, but five nights before I met them. I mean, come on. It was the biggest day of my life.

This is the picture of The Jonas Brothers, my 2 aunts and I. I'm the one in the blue shirt that says "Party like a wok star" with sushi on it. Let me remind you that I was 9. I do not still own that shirt.

Now can you imagine how much of a Jonas fan I was in my pre- pre-teen years? Now double that fan-ness by 10. That’s me right now. Me, and my bestie Ruby Karp. She saw Nick on Broadway with me, and we’ve been fans since. You might be underestimating my fan-ness right now.

This is a legitimate photo of me and Nick Jonas

Now, before you say that I’m being a creeper (MOM!) when it comes to the Jonas Brothers, let me remind you that there is nothing wrong with a little bit of fangirling . 13-year-old girls are supposed to fangirl. At least I’m not one of those girls who tattoos “Jonas” in their eyelids. Or makes their parents drive across the country to where the Jonas Brothers are, sleeping outside their hotel in tents. That would be really weird and creepy. I know girls who have done that.

In December, a new Jonas song was leaked. About 2 months ago, the Jonas Brothers came out with this video. Then, their Facebook and twitter had a new logo. Now, Kevin is coming out with a new reality show on E, Joe is always posting pictures of their writing sessions on Instagram and Nick has even said in recent interviews that they might be coming out with a new album. Which leads to only one thing… THE JO BROS ARE BACK! Once I put the pieces together, I almost died from excitement. Who wouldn’t? They’re my whole childhood.

Are you excited for the Jonas Brothers to come back? Leave a comment below, or talk to me on my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr!

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