The Importance of Friendship Diversity

I know the subject sounds kind of intense and a bit scientific, but really its just a more succinct way of saying “Girl, get yourself some different kind of friends up in your mix so you can grow as a person and be a decent human being.”  Sure, we all want every friend to be smart, challenging, an adventurous eater, up for raucous fun, equipped with a good sense of style and down to drive by your ex-boyfriend’s house “just to see”… but honestly, there is only one of me and I cant be friends with everybody. I simply don’t have the time.

Below, I have outlined a few different types of friends that we should all strive to have in our life.  There might have been a time where someone said that all a woman needed was a tool belt and a sexy black bra… but times, they are a-changing and no one is an island.  We all need to have a good network of people around us.

The Up for Anything Wing-Woman

There is nothing worse than wanting to do something adventurous when none of your friends want to partake.  Half the fun is having a partner in crime who is willing to go there with you no matter what the situation. Should a last minute krumping party or a Taylor Swift concert present itself, you need someone in your life that is down to ride, no questions asked.  Of course, you have to return the favor and let friends know that you too can put yourself in uncomfortable situations in the name of friendship.

The Girl Who’s Got Your Number

We have all been there with a friend who drones incessantly about some loser she’s dating who will never be worth her time, how she hates her job or really wants to lose those 20 pounds but can’t motivate.  Sometimes the easier thing to do is just tune out, maybe even say “Well, maybe he didn’t mean to make out with your friend,” or whatever unjustifiable act he’s recently committed… but enough is ENOUGH!  Ladies, what you really need is a friend who calls it like she sees it.  Like the Queen Beyonce said, we cannot surround ourselves with Yes men (or women) if we want to evolve and grow and be the best versions of ourselves… YOU HEAR ME, GWYNETH???  It might not always be the easiest thing to hear, but you must have a friend who you know will always tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

Old Friends & New Friends

I’m pretty sure that the saying goes something like… you can’t make new old friends.  Having friends who have been with you through every step of your life and know many an embarrassing thing about you is really special and powerful.  Being with old friends is easy, comfortable and feels like home.   Its  also important though that as you grow and develop new interests & bad habits (kidding) that you meet people along the road of life who share your enthusiasm and will also expose you to new things & ideas as well.  Friendships can ebb & flow and people grow and evolve in different ways and at a different pace.  We all know those people that are still reveling in the glory days of high school/college and what a fun time you had…and living in the past ain’t pretty (trust me, I kept the pictures).

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