The Hot Goss with Edward Hansen and Leslie Grossman Tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST

Leslie and I are back tonight with The Hot Goss, and in the spirit of shake-it-up-ed-ness, we will be trying something very different.  Since Leslie and I are both all about experimental, high concept art (call us Gallery Girls [just don’t call us, Chantal]):

Leslie and I will be streaming live from…. the food courts at the Century City Mall!  Call it street art, call it guerilla artfare, call it “I don’t get what they’re doing,” or call it brilliant; we simply wanted to shake things up, and possibly get a Wetzel’s Pretzel in the process.

On tonight’s episode, we will be discussing the ugly, factional family friction (or fiction) of the Gorga-Giudice clan, as well as all the catty comments and emotional claw marks on the reunion of RHONYC.   But that’s not all!

Has anyone seen Couples Therapy?  American’s favorite hyper-sexualized Child bride Courtney Stodden gets asked if she was “molested,” and Alex and Simon (of former RHONYC Silex notoriety) are forced to deal with just how creepy they’re relationship really is.

And it doesn’t stop there.  Did we all catch RHOM?  Lea is throwing digs, but Alexia ain’t trying to hear them if Marysol isn’t there to deflect those digs herself.  And pleaes don’t think for one second that I’m not absolutely 100% up on all the drama on Basketball Wives L.A., and may I ask all of you something: exactly why is everyone so mean to Jackie Christie?

If you feel ramotions or have comments, please send those to, and Leslie and I will answer those tonight.  Also, please feel free to tweet at me or Leslie, because we love twitter and lady-tweets and social media bonding.

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