HelloGiggles is happy to present our very first Kitten Cam. Coco & her 2 kittens were rescued a few days ago after after their house caught fire. The kittens are only 2 weeks old but will be available for adoption once they are old enough to be spayed & neutered  For the next 2 hours we will be broadcasting live.

How You Can Help

Interested in adopting the kittens? Check out their Facebook page HERE

Donate HERE

Learn More about the Red Paws Emergency Life Team Organization HERE


  • Jessica Lean Landrau

    What about the mommy? Are you guys keeping her?

  • Tammy Cupit

    So sweet. I do not live in the area but I hope all these sweet babies find a home. Praying for the family that lost there home.

  • Molly McAleer

    omg, i love these kitties.

  • KJ Sargent

    This is such a delight to see! What a good mama Coco is!

  • Laura Simpson

    It says 2 kittens but there are definitely 3.

  • Autumn Reid

    Think I just saw mother give her kitten a hug! <3 Soooo cute!!

  • KJ Sargent

    Could you guys do another live feed again!?!? This was just way too cute!:)

  • Georgia Leaker

    yay kitties! i have three already, as well as living on the other side of the world, but if i was close by, they’d already be snuggling in my bed with me!

  • Lisa ‘LeeLee’ Beever

    Okay I thought the recorded video would atleast be from the live stream of kittens… I just watched 10 minutes of peoplechatting about ‘Degrassi’ which I’ve never watched being the UK I want KITTENS! :(

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