HelloGiggles is happy to present our 2nd Kitten Cam broadcast. Coco & her 2 kittens were rescued last week after after their house caught fire. The kittens are only 3 weeks old but will be available for adoption in a few weeks when they are old enough to be spayed & neutered.

We will be broadcasting live all afternoon.

Please join the chat and help us name the 2 girls and 1 boy.

How You Can Help:

Interested in adopting the kittens? Check out their Facebook page HERE

Donate HERE

Learn More about the Red Paws Emergency Life Team Organization HERE


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  1. Is that the kitty sitting on the couch?

  2. nevermind i see philly

  3. what city/state?

  4. I think the light grey should be called cube and one of the boys should be Peter.


  6. smudge, sooty and smokey
    they are gorgeous!

  7. Ember, Sparkle, for the girls, Smokey for the boy. All related to the fire they were rescued from? Also Hottie, Lucky, Flash, Blaze or Fire. Adeen is feminine Irish for” little fire”

  8. Sweet babies!!!!

  9. Malinka and Mystic for the girls and Jagger for the boy

  10. Momma kitty looks almost exactly like my baby girl, Mimzy, except she’s got a little stubby tail. As for names for them sweet little poopers I’ll have to think on it. :D

  11. I just got a new kitty that looks just like that! And since she’s the New Girl of the house, we decided to call her Zooey Deschanel, hahaha. #imsowitty

  12. Two girls and one boy? Then how about Bart, Lisa and Maggie? Would be a funny combination :)

  13. oh my god cutest thing ever! i like the name slick for the boy. and cheeks and snuggle for the girls :)

  14. Janet , Crissy & Jack. You know, like from “Three’s Company”.

  15. ramona and beezus or beatrice and henry!

  16. Awww! I hope I get some new fosters soon! My house has been kitten-free for the winter and I need some snuggles. Since their momma is Coco, I would name the babies something chocolate/sweets related. Maybe Snickers, Mocha, Mousse, Muffin, Brownie, Pudding, or Truffles. That way they can all be sugary-sweet!

  17. the single most adorable thing ever. I won’t be getting any work done this afternoon.

  18. name wise I think Noir, Caspian and for the girl Lillith

  19. it says 2 kittens but is it really 3? I would adopt all of them including the mom if I didnt have five already and 2 dogs, think dad would kill me if I tried to bring anymore home no matter how adorable

  20. I agree I love the names Ember, Ash, Coal and Sparky. I also like the name Night shade.