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The Great Leap Forward: Thoughts on Turning 11

So, I’m turning 11 next week (Mom, don’t forget, my birthday is August 30) and I’ve been obsessing about it all summer. Here are some things that I’ve been thinking about.

1. Oh no. I’m getting older. HERE COMES CRANKY RUBY.

2. Yay, a new school year, I’m going to be in sixth grade. I’M PUMPED! 😀

3. In two years, I can be on Facebook. FINALLY.

4.  Maybe this is the year I become taller than my mom, which means I can finally raid her closet.


6.  I  bet when I am 11, I will be able to beat my sleeping-for-more-than-11- hours record.

7. Wow. That year when I was 10? That went by FAST.


9. As of today, I still have 3 more days as a 10-year-old!!!! I better live it up! Whoop-whoop!

10. I’m totally  hoping I can get my bedtime extended another half-hour.

11. Dude, I’m going to be 11. That’s friggin’ cool.

  • Linda Moore

    You are one cool 10 year old. I betcha you’ll be EVEN cooler as an 11 year old. (If such a thing were possible!) 😉 Can’t wait to read your next post. Oh, and Happy Birthday in 3 days. :)

  • Shannon Remanda

    Happy B-day Ruby! 😉

  • Iasmine Carpen

    Oh hey Sweetie, guess what! I’ll be turning 21 on the 3oth! That year when I was 20? Went by just as fast as yours I bet! Have a wonderful couple of days as a 10 year-old and a magnificent birthday!!

  • Mattie Lippe

    Have a happy birthday!

  • Zamii Chavez

    Doesn’t matter how older you are or will be … live your life and HAVE FUN !

  • Rebecca Lester

    You are so adorable. Have a happy birthday! And yes, those growing pains are super grrrrrr.

  • Annie Lynge

    Dude, sixth grade bites. Eighth grade is where it’s at. And mom’s closet? Heck yeah.
    Have a great birthday!

  • Elena Gregson

    Happy Birthday in advance, Ruby! I’m making a big birthday leap this year…I’ll be 30 in November!!! AAAHHH!!! I feel like I was 11 just yesterday. I hope you have a great bday and enjoy being 11 as much as you liked being 10!

  • Mikaela Foster

    11 is pretty awesome!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBY!!! You’re catching up to me! :)

  • Annie McMenamin

    Hope you have an awesome 11th birthday! And don’t worry, I’m 19 and still request a kid’s menu every time I go to Friendly’s and they always give me one.

  • Andrea Linett

    Happy Birthday, Ruby. You rock!

  • Timothy Holst


  • Elise Newman

    Happy Birthday Ruby! I can’t believe you are 11 either! I remember when your mom told me that she was pregnant with you… and look at you now! You are awesome! Love.

  • John Hughes

    Happy Birthday Ruby Karp!

  • Angela Guice

    6th grade was one of my most favorites. You’ve done more in your 11 years than some have in 30! Hope you have a fantastic birthday beautiful!!! xoxoxo

  • Ella Marie

    wow your tini 😛 happy late birthday

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