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The Glory Days of Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast for me  has never been about toasting, spreading or frying anything.  I’ve never been a coffee drinker or a fan of bacon and eggs.  My name is Art Tavana, and I’m addicted to crunchy, puffy and colorful breakfast cereal.

Consuming these sugary treats formed a core ritual for the average kid growing up in America during the ’80s and ’90s.  Whether I was watching Muppet Babies or DuckTales while savoring my favorite milk drenched goodies, the combo of cartoons and cereal never failed to brighten my day and make the ensuing trip to school somewhat bearable.  Without the cute mascots, crunchy treats and early morning sugar buzz, I daresay my development as a human being may have been stunted.

The trend towards healthy eating has seen many cereals boasting of “puffs” and “treats” replaced with those gravely presenting their quotients of “whole grains” and “fiber”, while whole milk apparently no longer “does a body good”.  Soy milk, almond milk, skim milk, and even water have replaced the white gold that once comprised the soul of each saccharine bowl.

Look: I’m not saying we should be unhealthy in the face of the widespread nutritional facts and information we have at our disposal these days. However, the classic American breakfast cereal experience is endangered, and I think that deserves some acknowledgment. I, for one, intend to pay homage directly – if not everyday, then at least with the Saturday morning cartoons.

In a nostalgic effort to revisit the glory days of breakfast cereal, I’ve created a list naming my top breakfast cereal brand, mascot and accompanying cartoon from yesteryear. What are your favorites?

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Featured image via Ron English.

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