I recently started doing yoga and I love it. It’s challenging but so rewarding and can also be extremely relaxing. However, I have a lot of trouble quieting my mind – which I think is important for the practice. Instead of focusing on the poses I end up thinking about anything else: television, food, frustration at the yoga teacher or the strange noises other classmates are making. I also find myself wondering what other people are thinking about.

So, for today’s gallery I decided to find some beginner’s yoga poses as well as some of the more extreme/strange poses and do my best to infer what these people are reflecting on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ptree Trish Rollins

    I can never shut my brain off during yoga! But since you’re living in NYC you should check out Yoga to the People. They have a great donation based studio on St Marks. Their classes are challenging but the instructors are really great!

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