The other day I came across this Lisa Frank video from Rookie Mag and I was immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia. I thought about all of my awesome binders and notebooks. They were all so colorful and made me excited to go to school.

For today’s gallery, I’ve decided to display some of the best and most beautiful Lisa Frank products I could find. And I have to say seeing all this stuff really makes me want to bring out my Lisa Frank backpack, fill it with Lisa Frank folders and binders and go back to school.

  • Sophia Moutafis

    I used to have an awesome binder that had a ballerina bear wearing a tutu and dancing on a piano. I miss it so much! I would totally use it in college now. I agree – anything Lisa Frank makes me nostalgic.

  • Elise McCarthy

    I saw that as well and wanted to go out and buy a bunch of lisa frank stuff ASAP! I can’t figure out where to buy it though! :(

    • Tiffany Gusbeth

      Update us with any leads on sourcing and purchasing Lisa Frank goods. I would love to know as well! Seeing all of those amazing graphics make me super excited!

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