The Exploration of Unemployment: Food Truck Heaven

Who doesn’t love food trucks, am I right? Seriously though, if you don’t love food trucks, then this installment is not for you. Because I would totally LOVE to buy and run a food truck, y’all. I also have no idea where that southern accent came from, because I am a born and bred Yankee. Anyway, food trucks are legit and awesome and totally having a moment right now. There aren’t too many where I come from, but I feel like the business is growing. We even had a food truck festival here last summer and it was pretty impressive.

But really, we all know the Mecca of food truck love is California. Oh, California, how I miss you and your cheap avocados and awesome Mexican food no matter where you turn. Also, I miss your food trucks. Speaking of, straight up, anyone in the LA/Hermosa Beach area needs to hit The Garbage Truck– because they make a hometown fave of mine called THE GARBAGE PLATE (they call it a trash plate, but tomato/tomato) and it is so delicious you’ll die and think you’ve gone to heaven. (I know, I know, so much stuff, so much fried food, what is that weird hamburger/chili sauce on top (it’s HOTSAUCE, YOU GUYS, MEAT HOTSAUCE and I know it looks disgusting but it is life altering), should I even be eating this if I live in LA and never look at food like this?). It is totally worth it, trust me. I prefer my garbage plates with cheeseburgers, but if you want a true experience, order it with White Hots. You’ll thank me later. I also want to add that Rochester native/soccer superstar, Abby Wambach loves these guys and has given them her stamp of approval on twitter– in case you had any doubts.

The Garbage Truck's Trash Plate- Via

The Garbage Truck’s Trash Plate- Via

Anyway, sorry I got off topic talking about hotsauce…it happens. Where was I? Oh, right, I want to buy and run a food truck like Dave in Happy Endings (Steak Me Home Tonight…pure genius). I think it would be a totally awesome job to have, because you can specialize in one particular food- or food type- and have at it. Maybe I’d go Italian and bust out my roots and serve delectable family recipes. Maybe I’d do a desert themed food truck. Or make homemade Falafels like that one awesome food truck I went to in Ireland…they were THE best. Maybe I’d do a mash up of foods, or change up what foods I prepared depending on the day of the week.

Maybe I’d follow in the footsteps of The Garbage Truck guys and bring trash plates to another region of the US. Maybe I’d pull out another Western NY tradition and go all out with chicken wings done right (take my word for it, I’ve lived all over the continental US and I have never had wings as good as we’ve got ‘em back home. I mean, they were invented in Buffalo so we are kinda spoiled up here). Western NY regional fun fact: we don’t call them Buffalo wings, they are chicken wings, plain and simple.

Food trucks are just so great. They’re mobile so you can change locations if you want, or have a schedule of certain places you’ll park on certain days of the week. They can get hired for set visits for those times when actors/producers are feeling benevolent and buy the whole cast/crew lunch. You can make your own hours, you can chat with customers, you can become cult favorites with the hippies at the beach, and you can make sure to grab all those drunk kids leaving the clubs early in the morning. I mean, the possibilities are endless. Plus, they all have fun, pun-y, catchy names to grab your attention AND advertise what kind of food you’ll be getting. Everything about this idea is so great!

I’m getting excited just thinking about it. What would you guys make in your food trucks?

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  • Joelle Poitra

    I can’t even deny that Dave’s food truck on Happy Endings IS the reason why I think having a food truck would be ah-mah-zing! Anyway, I grew up on a reservation, so I always thought that if I were to ever have a food truck, then I’d sell the traditional Indian Taco. I know Super Nachos aren’t traditional Native American food, but I’d probably throw that in my menu, too.. They’re simple, quick and they both practically have every section of the Food Pyramid in them. It’s genius. I’d probably even whip up some kind of dish for the vegetarians. Like you, I think the idea of just being able to change location any time that you wanted is awesome.

    • Justin Moore-Brown

      There’s actually a food truck out in LA called “Auntie’s Fry Bread” and they serve up some amazing food. I’m no expert on traditional Native American food but if it’s anything like this, I’m all in!

  • Justin Moore-Brown

    I haven’t had a chance to try the Garbage Truck but I’ll definitely have to make a stop there! As a former food truck operator, I can definitely say that it was equal parts heaven and equal parts hell.

    It was awesome to meet and feed new people at new locations on a daily basis and it was great to see how excited they got when we would pull up. The flip side was how long our days were (typically 10-12 hours for 2 shifts) which can definitely take a tool on you, especially when standing over a hot ass grill!

    All-in-all though, I wouldn’t trade my time on the truck or the friendships we made with the other owners….not even for all the trash plates in CA :-)

  • Joe LoPresti

    Thank you for showing THE GARBAGE TRUCK some love! We really appreciate the support!! :)

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