The Exploration of Unemployment

The Exploration of Unemployment: Enroll at Hogwarts

That’s it, I’m moving to Hogwarts.

Yes, you heard me right. My second idea for my unemployed self is to pick up and move to Orlando, FL and work at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Why not? It’s a magical place. Literally. I’ve been lucky enough to visit and even though it doesn’t encompass the whole park, the branch of Universal’s Islands of Adventure housing Hogwarts is the most magical place I’ve seen (they even pipe in the scores from the movie to add to the magic!). And, I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom, which is its own kind of magic.

I know, I know, Hogwarts still isn’t a real place, but why not move down there and try to get a job and a nice, new robe and uniform? I can proudly rock my Gryffindor red and gold after being sorted on (I know, I’m really showing my geek cards/cred here). I went through the sorting twice, with two different emails, and got the same result through different questions. I’m sure there’s a way to beat it, but I really didn’t care enough to figure out if I’d still get Gryffindor by choosing between left or right, or black or white. Seriously, those questions were weird. So, me and my Gryffindor self could set up and work in the castle ushering people onto the coolest ride I’ve been on lately. Or, work in the Castle gift shop seeing people freak out over what to buy, or work in the wand shop and watch as everyone decides if they want a movie replica wand or one of their own choosing.

I’d even work in Zonko’s joke shop, or Honeydukes selling cauldron cakes, or even The Three Broomsticks which has to be one of the best parts of the park. It’s pretty much built to scale from the movie, but real (there are so many different things to look at in this particular part of the park, I’d highly suggest going in even if you don’t eat there). Even the actors who visited the park when it first opened where impressed and amazed. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you what Butterbeer tastes like. I think everyone should have the ability to experience it firsthand without any preconceived opinions. But, if you seek the information out on your own, more power to you.

In reality though, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be an awesome place to work because all you would see all day long is people beaming with happiness and excitement and probably some happy tears. Even on the worst day, how could anyone not be affected by that positive energy? It would be like a tangible anti-depressant. There seems like no way to be sad and depressed for very long surrounded by all of that joy, especially those kids who are just now beginning to experience the wonderful journey of Harry, Hermoine and Ron.

I miss Harry Potter and what all of those books meant to me. I was 11 years old when I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and I felt like I’ve grown up with Harry. It was so fun waiting for each new book to be released, and then gobbling them up before the week was out. Thank you, JK Rowling for having the vision to release them over summer vacations. When the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 came out, I was sad that I no longer had anymore Harry related things to look forward to anymore. It was like a farewell to that part of my adolescence, a chapter in my life that spanned half of it at the time.

But, that feeling can live on through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Maybe I’m not ready to grow up yet.

Puking Pastilles are not to be trifled with- Bro and I found out the hard way