The Existence of Birthday Magic

HelloGiggles is one year old! Everyone loves a party and some cake! Now that the site is a year old, there are some ideas we’ve grown up with that should be revealed. The Tooth Fairy, Santa, babies being delivered by storks aren’t real. But two years ago, I came across a new phenomenon called “birthday magic” that really works. I think as a community, we should embrace it and see it take off!

When I turned 22, it wasn’t an exciting birthday, like turning 16, 18 or 21. 22 is just another year in your life going by. I always look forward to my birthday, though, because I stopped counting the years after I turned 21. I love cake and I love presents, so I needed something else to love, since good things happen in threes, and thus BIRTHDAY MAGIC was born! Birthday magic is the good luck or good vibes you’re given on your birthday. It can be used all year, or be transferred to other people. I’m not a particularly lucky person so I was doubtful of my own creation at the start.

The first year I accepted the good graces of the birthday gods, two magical things happened. First, I got tickets to see Conan! On the actual day of my birthday! It was great and I had seats right near the front row, and the warm up comedian, Jimmy Pardo, called me out and made the audience say happy birthday to me! Conan wore a blue shirt and still had his beard. That alone was sufficient for a great day. The guests were John Cryer and Nick Thune, with musical guest Motorhead. That wasn’t my ideal line-up, but hey, I saw Conan!

Oops... I took a picture from my seat. I know I shouldn't have, but birthday magic got the best of me. Second row!

Two months after my birthday, one of my best friends told me she got tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres Show! I’ve been watching Ellen for years and adore her to no end. So I arrived with my friend’s family and anxiously waited to be seated. We all know Ellen gives awesome gifts to her guests – films, clothes, TiVos. I was genuinely hoping for a TiVo because I don’t have DVR and I love television. Also, I’ve known since I found out who Ellen is that we’re birthday “twinsies”. Lo and behold, as I was sitting in the audience watching the show, she called my name as a winner! Of a trip to Antigua! I jumped like a maniac and wanted to run down to give Ellen a hug! One of the first things I told her is that we’re birthday twins! Come on, you guys, this is birthday magic. Later that year, my friend who took me to the taping and I went for a week to a resort in Antigua. We swam, rested, drank and went scuba diving and it was an amazing experience. All for free! My bestie and I became closer and now I wish she lived closer because there’s no one I would want to share fresh lobster and drink champagne with (and get looks from other people because we’re drunk on one glass) than her.

My "winning" tickets! They were props. The real ones were sent through e-mail. It was way less exciting than these old-school ones.

The third time birthday magic came through for me was being able to write for HelloGiggles. I’ve been a fan since before it existed, when Sophia, Molly and Zooey were teasing a big project coming out. I remember the day the site opened up and I liked it on Facebook. It’s been such a great place full of positive vibes in an internet world that can be so dark and mean. Reading articles that range from how Ryan Gosling is so perfect, to Obama agreeing with gay marriage, to nails of the day, I feel like this site understands how involved women are in the world. I check HelloGiggles several times a day, and the “favorite” bookmark is next to Facebook on my browser. I’m so thankful for this site and wish it many more birthdays to come! Also, can you imagine how much birthday magic the site has?! With more than 100,000 fans on Facebook and more than 94,000 followers on Twitter, HelloGiggles deserves all the birthday magic it can get!

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