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The End of the World: The Day After

I file my articles on Thursdays, so I’m not really sure if the world has ended or not. My theory is that no, it has not. I hope not. But if you are reading this, it most likely hasn’t. So that’s a good thing.

The end of the world predictions have been going on for a while.

And now we have a day most famous day, the day the world is supposed to end: December 21st, 2012 – as predicted by the Mayans.

Here is the theory: there is this thing called the Mayan calendar. They have many dates on it, many things the Mayans predicted. The last day on the calendar is December 21st, 2012. But wait! The world’s going to end! The Mayan calendar says so! Well, that is incorrect.  The Mayan calendar never states the world is ending. It’s simply the end of the cycle of dates. Look, we all own calendars. Every year it ends on December 31st, and we start our calendar over. And that is the same thing they have.

NASA seems very unhappy with this day, though, and they seem to be dreading it and very excited for it to pass.  In the past week, they have gotten over 90 calls a day about the world ending. In all of the articles they are interviewed in, they seem very annoyed. They state that this in very unscientific and is simply just another day.  And since I am writing this on a Wednesday night, I hope so! I have plans on Sunday, and I am not letting the world end! I need to be somewhere!

My point is, the world is not going to end. Not right now. Maybe we should focus more on Global Warming. Now please, start a good rumor like Ryan Gosling  shaves his head or start your own Tumblr . That’s way more fun an obsession.

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