Spruce Up A Purse The Easy Way


I love buying vintage bags. I frankly have so many they may just topple me to the floor one day in a tragic hoarder death incident. Anywayzzz, here’s a really easy DIY to spruce up any new, well loved or vintage bag!

What you’ll need:

  • A Purse
  • A Fantastic scarf, preferably in a square shape and in a light silky fabric so it flows and is not too heavy
  • Some vintage or broken chain pieces (i like to comb antique hardware stores like Liz’s Antique Hardware in LA or you can use your old broken necklaces that you don’t know what to do with!)
  • A large-ish key ring

Do It:

  • Tie your scarf in a messy knot around one side of the handle. Tie it in the middle so the four corners hang oh so nicely.
  • Loop your key ring around the handle and then tie, loop or connect your various chain pieces to it.

Voila! A total boho-chic bag that may just jangle when you walk. Love that!

xx – Mr. Kate

photo via mrkate.com

Kate Albrecht, aka Mr. Kate, guides, informs and inspires with DIY’s for your home and wardrobe, oh, she cooks and designs jewelry too!
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