The Defendants: iPhone Mirror PicsCrystal Gibson

I am not a fashion blogger. I do not have the time to get dolled up everyday and have someone take candid (not really candid) photos of me so I can post for all my fans. I actually don’t have anyone who would willingly take my photo everyday (my fiancé already thinks I’m vain) nor do I have any fans. Notwithstanding, I’m an instagram -loving, over sharing gal whose only crime is iPhone mirror pics – and I’m okay with that.

There are cardinal rules that one must not break in order to shamelessly take mirror pics; the first is never, ever purse your lips, AKA duckface. The Tumblr Anti-Duckface is a prime example of how not to take mirror pics. I am still not able to figure out the appeal of this facial expression but I am 100% certain that a smile is a much better alternative. If you’ve committed this crime in the past, please retrace your steps and delete all evidence.

The next thing to remember and avoid is this simple acronym: NSFW. If you’re into posting pictures of yourself naked or scantily clad, I’d highly suggest keeping them to yourself or sending them privately to whomever you wish to see them. I have boobs too, I don’t need to see a mirror shot of yours.

Lastly, always determine your motive. Are you fishing for compliments from your digital friends? Don’t post. Are you planning to use the pic for a profile photo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or any dating site? Don’t post. (My instagram profile photo is an iPhone mirror pic, but I condone this considering many of my posts are as such).

So when is it okay to take these disputable photos?

Are you Oscar PR Girl or someone who wants to share outfit ideas? Erika Bearman leaves me breathless almost everyday with her self-mirror photos. Showing off all of Oscar de la Renta’s stunning pieces are part of her job… right? Either way, she models her daily outfits so well. I don’t have a full-length mirror set up anywhere strategic at home, instead I use my bathroom mirror as a substitute. No, I don’t ever capture anything below my waist but chances are I am wearing some form of redundant denim anyway. I enjoy changing up the way I wear certain blouses; I can make them girly, equestrian, tuxedo-inspired and more by simply wearing a different accessory.

Does your hair look awesome? I’m not very good at any beauty regimen so when I succeed at something (like blowdrying my hair) I share. I suppose there is no likelihood of anyone caring considering a blowout is a ubiquitous style, but my fine and otherwise awful hair deserves a mirror shot once in awhile.

Are you shopping and need advice? Fitting room photos are personally not my thing. I’m a little uncomfortable having my undergarments and such on display while I awkwardly pose in unflattering lighting to get anyone’s opinion. I much prefer to make my own decision and live with the consequences. However, I understand fitting room photos and I like offering my advice when asked.

Is your make-up done professionally? Are you on your way to an awards show? Do you just feel super pretty? Post your mirror photo.

Consider this: we are independent working girls. Not all of us have the ability to frivolously walk our city (or suburban) streets posing for photos but that doesn’t mean that we want to share what we’re loving too. Anything done tastefully and in moderation is acceptable in my books. So go my little filter-loving friends: snap and post all the photos you wish. There is nothing wrong with loving you.

 Images via and my iPhone

  • Susan T

    No shame in mirror pictures. :) I probably don’t look as good as you though haha

  • Zareen Syed

    I’m obsessed with fashion blogging! (Guilty of it myself :)) You’re so fab; love the bottom left.

  • Lauren Bressette

    You’re so cute! Keep taking pictures of yourself!

  • Erin Long

    Who doesn’t take a few mirror shots every once in a while? I tend to follow the “oh it’s just that I look good today” rule of thumb which I think is the way to go. I actually took a photo of my work outfit every day for a month in a mirror just to see how I was dressing.

  • Brittany White

    I love this article! I take a picture of myself EVERY day at work… I try not to share every picture, unless I look REALLY REALLY REALLY good!!!

  • Liz Haebe

    I am so guilty of these…and they aren’t even that good. I think I’m more vain than I want to admit.

  • Melissa Cruwys

    Ahh yes…I know a few of you!

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