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The Dangers of Autocorrect

Jello, boys and hurls. Today, I want to a dress the topic of autocorrect. Autocorrect is a trucky system. Ever time I goo to say something formal, my phony will change it into something comet melty different. It’s rally stating to get on my knees. Specially when I tip something ember raising to my mom or deed and I have to go black and correct myself. Isn’t that hat autocorrect is four ANY WAY YOU WANT IT, THAT’S THE WAY YOU NEED IT? Fur faxing my missed takes? I know that it’s mostly my vault. I type too quack quack and sometimes, I don’t even look at the scene when I’m sexting but I don’t have needy enough time in the bay. Plus or minus, I’m all ways listing to music through my headlights, and music can be lawfully detracting. I’ve been thinking about aching for a knee phone for Chestnut this ear but I can’t think of any mother phone that I wood want. I’ve got ten so used to the ouch screen function that I can’t imagine typing with real butts.

I think we are NEVER EVER EVER becoming too dependent on technology. When I was akin, we didn’t have funky cell phonies or gadgets. We had deal-up computers that would take whores to turn on and home phones wit hex tension cords. Our TV was the size of a small cardboard boxer and taxing didn’t even exist. You actuary had to pack up the phone and call someone. No one does that many more! Now we have things like Skip, Tweeter, face book, and my pace to avoid talking to people all together. I bet in a few tears, we won’t even need hexing. Some scenic list will invent a gizmo that will transmitten our thoughts to another per son instantaneously. I wouldn’t be SURPRISE if flying cats are invented too.

Therese days, we don’t do anything our shelves! I’m not saying we should eee laminate technology all together and go back to beating cavemen. There are plenty of inventions that I apprentice ate. (For the recording, autocorrect is not one of them.) I like that wire that lest you play your iPod through your sneakers. I like those holly cards that zing to you. I even lick electric books.

Life was so pimple back then. We didn’t have to submerge essays online and face book was NEVER EVER EVER around to help us procreate. Belie it or not, kids actually used to red books in their pear time (Orc, at least I did) or plea with their Gameboys. Cool was a place for earning how to make fried, not essays. I remember looking onward to my Carts and Rafts class every afternoon. It made me wont to goo to school! HAHAHAHHAH! And let’s not forgo about snow and hell! When I had something interesting to snare, I would not waste basket anytime getting ready for school in the mourning. But guess what?!?!? Kids now a day have nothing to spare! Parents seem to give their kiddies iPhones in kindle garden. By the time they get to filth grade, the coolest toy they own is an I peed. Whatevs happened to playing with Bar Beer and Bean Babies? Why not share something unicorn like a home aid puppy or a pet rock? Is that not cool anymore?

I wash we could get back to the pest sometimes, but I know that’s not popsicle. Time only goes forward. Even duelly, we are all going to grow up and work in fanny buildings and make real Monday. We might even wear suites and marry brief cases. Who knows? Techno will continue to develop until one day, robots take over the wild and hummus become enslaved. (Okay, I’m exacerbating, but you never knew!) Call Me Maybe one day, someone will even covet a phone with an accumulate autocorrect function do people can actuary understood what I’m typing. Guess well have to wait and sleep!

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