Slideshows The Circus is in Town Eliza Hurwitz

I’ve never been to a circus before, even though I’ve always wanted to go. I used to do gymnastics, so I’d like to think I have a special connection with the strange spandex outfits and the flexibility aspect of some circus stars.

The closest I’ve ever come to an actual circus was my role as a tight rope walker in a 1st grade play. Although I did totally rock this part, I still feel like there’s a void in my heart that cannot be filled until I go see a live circus performance. These pictures, however, help to fill that void.


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  1. Agree with the above. If it’s a circus with animals don’t go. So much abuse. But I’ve never been a big fan of circuses…animals or no animals.

  2. Go to the Circus for human performers…Yes. Go to the Circus for animal performers….definitely not.