The Cast of The Magic School Bus: Where Are They Now?

Due to the recent trial of Ms. Frizzle, I was able to reconnect with the Walkerville Elementary School class that knew and loved her: the cast of the Magic School Bus. After her favorite students graduated, Ms. Frizzle (or as they commonly referred to her as The Friz) lost her passion for taking students on adventures. She felt with all the changes taking place with technology and the Internet, students were no longer interested in the excitement of magic traveling. Therefore, The Friz, although still teaching, took a break from using the powers of the Magic School Bus. However, last year she believed her class to be capable and worthy of her old adventures. Boy, was she was wrong! Her students freaked out and informed their parents, who then informed the new principal of Walkerville, Mr. Strictly. Mr. Strictly was stunned and deeply concerned and felt he had no choice but to fire The Friz. He became even more concerned when, on upon firing her, she proclaimed, “As I always say, take chances, make mistakes, get messy,” and then proceeded to run away.

Lucky for The Friz her old students didn’t forget about her. They came to her aid. In doing so, they were not merely able to see that the charges against her were dropped; they also made her current students realize how lucky they were to have the good fortune of receiving the unique teaching style of The Friz.

Ms. Frizzle:

After a difficult year with her firing, trial, then re-hiring, I’m happy to report The Friz is feeling like herself again. She needed a month to recuperate, traveling with the Magic School Bus and her pet lizard/best friend, Liz, to a remote underwater village in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Without anyone there to talk to, or to criticize her unconventional teaching methods, The Friz was able to reconnect with her old happy-go-lucky self, the self that inspired her students to take risks, have fun, and get messy. She has since returned to Walkerville Elementary School, where she has been welcomed with open minds and gracious hearts.

Arnold Perlstein:

Arnold’s fear of pretty much everything stuck with him throughout high school and college. But it was his cautious personality that lead him to his true calling, the creation of safety devices combined with allergic reaction antidotes. Arnold’s biggest and most significant invention was his Ultimate Safety Vest which is, a life vest filled with every safety appliance you could think of, an EpiPen, inhaler, Swiss army knife, band-aids, compartments for special dietary needs, vitamins, medicine pills, and much more. The most amazing aspect of Arnold’s invention is that, despite the quantity of things the life vest can hold, it still manages to be extremely lightweight, so even the weakest/nerdiest/clumsiest/prone to injury person can carry it with ease. Arnold wears his Ultimate Safety Vest everyday. Not surprisingly, he is currently single.

Carlos Ramon:

Carlos was always the jokester of The Friz’s class, making bad puns that no one would understand until he said, “Get it?” Against all his friends’ advice, Carlos decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy, foregoing the typical college education.  Despite bombing miserably every single night for the past three years, Carlos has not given up on his dream. He has Ms. Frizzle to thank for that.

Keesha Franklin:

Always the most realistic and practical of her classmates Keesha opted for a career in which she could call others out on their lies and delusions, a reality television judge. With her frequent use of the phrase, let’s get the facts,” Keesha remains one of the top watched Television Judge show. Being described by critics as, “the surprisingly perfect mix between Judge Judy and Ellen Degeneres. Keesha is outspoken yet captivating and charming to watch.”

Dorothy Ann:

Dorothy Ann’s advanced intelligence and love of all things physics lead her to a career as an extremely influential and successful physicist. With her extremely high IQ, Dorothy Ann was able to go right to work, researching and exploring with fellow physicists right out of high school. At first she was not taken seriously, because of her blond hair, high voice, and pigtails. She was also one of the only women on her team. But she showed them, this year especially, during her in depth analysis of the Higgs Boson, Dorothy Ann was in charge of conducting the experiments to prove this particle’s existence.

Phoebe Terese:

Being sensitive and a lover of animals, it was only natural that Phoebe longed to become an animal activist, organizing petitions, speaking at rallies, and instigating protests, but her shyness and stage fright inhibited her from following her dreams. She attended college, studying English, because it seemed like a good way for her to take big classes and go unnoticed. But, it was not until the trial and subsequent firing of Ms. Frizzle that Phoebe was able to stop living in fear and start living the life she always imagined. Phoebe decided to go to law school and fight for animal rights. Her first client was a Jack Russell terrier.

Ralphie Tennelli:

Ralphie was always the class athlete, but he also loved to eat. When attending college he was the ultimate lax bro. He joined a fraternity, drank way too much, and gained a ridiculous amount of weight. Unhappy with his appearance and his continued excessive use of the phrase, “I think I’m gonna be sick…” Ralphie was determined to make a change. He began to go to the gym, focusing mainly on treadmill workouts. Ralphie realized his love of daydreaming allowed the time to pass quickly. He decided to combine these two passions by creating a treadmill that transforms your daydreams into a movie you can watch as you run. He sought out the help of Dorothy Ann to make this possible, and she was more than willing to oblige. Ralphie is currently at a healthy weight with an unhealthily active daydreaming imagination. He couldn’t be happier.

Tim Jamal:

Although Tim was the quietest of the students of The Friz, he was also the most artistic. Longing to do his art while remaining under the radar led him to a career as a graffiti artist.  He created his tag “We’ve been Frizzled” during Ms. Frizzle’s teaching struggles. Tim not only publicized Ms. Frizzle’s influence and impact through his graffiti, but he also helped to create flyers that called his classmate and his town to action.

Wanda Li:

Intense, opinionated, and more than slightly annoying are words that best described Wanda Li in elementary school and continue to describe her today. However, these attributes have helped Wanda Li become an influential and inspiring local news reporter. In reporting, Wanda Li, not only informs people of the news, she also calls for people to take action on local, national, and international issues, with her catchphrase: “What are we gonna do?! What are we gonna do?!” Wanda Li is everyone’s favorite news anchor and she has dreams of joining either Good Morning America or The Today Show.

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