The Cast of ‘Hey Arnold!': Where Are They Now?

A couple weeks ago I caught up with the cast of  Rugrats and found out they were up to some pretty interesting things. This week I’ve decided to reconnect with some of our old friends from P.S. 118, the cast of Hey Arnold! Have you wondered if Helga would ever confess her love for Arnold or if Eugene would ever stop being a jinx? Well, you are about to find out.

Arnold and Helga:

Although it may have seemed utterly unlikely, Arnold and Helga are now married. The summer before freshman year of college, Arnold discovered Helga’s shrine to him. Miraculously, he wasn’t freaked out. Instead, he welcomed Helga’s obsession. Throughout high school, Arnold never had a girlfriend. All the girls he liked seemed to be selfish and only concerned with themselves and their appearances. Helga was different – all she cared about was Arnold.  She obsessed over him for years and fortunately, Arnold felt ready to accept her undying love for him. Although their relationship was long-distance throughout college, they knew they could make it work. Arnold went to Carnegie Mellon to study architecture and interior design, with hopes of creating gadgets for bedrooms, as he had in his own. Helga wanted to stay in the city, so she opted to go to New York University and majored in creative writing. Helga wrote Arnold long love letters and poetry. Once she graduated she published these letters in a book titled, Love Letters to Arnold. This book was a bestseller and was praised by Oprah Winfrey saying, “Love Letters to Arnold will transform the way you view love. It will renew your hope and faith in humanity.” Helga and Arnold got married shortly after college and now live in New York City. With Arnold designing gadgets for teen bedrooms and Helga’s writing, the two keep busy but they make time to visit Arnold’s grandparents at the boarding house every Sunday for brunch. Arnold and Helga are very happy together.

Phoebe Heyerdahl:

Phoebe was the valedictorian of her high school class, but it cost her all of her friendships. She was constantly studying and became extremely competitive. No one could stand to be around her, not even Helga. Her romance with Gerald was budding in middle school but it ended before anything could begin, since Phoebe put all of her time and effort into her schoolwork. Academically, it paid off; she was able to get into her top choice school, Yale. While there, Phoebe was determined to keep her reputation as top-notch student. She had an epiphany, however; when slaving away in the library on a Friday night, she heard her fellow students outside blasting the radio to one of Phoebe’s old favorites,  “I Saw Your Face And – Wow!”  This song by Ronnie Matthews was one Phoebe loved. It was then that she realized how much of her youth she had missed. Phoebe was determined to be that wild child that she never allowed herself to be. She closed her books, ran out of the library, and decided to do something she never had the courage to do: Phoebe went streaking! She was arrested but she never felt freer. She was only in jail for the night, but while there, she decided to write Gerald a letter, confessing her love for him and expressing her feelings of deep regret. They have been in love ever since. Phoebe finished school, with the support she needed from Gerald to remind her to have fun and not take things too seriously.

Gerald Johanssen:

Gerald was always great at telling stories and had such a positive attitude. When it came time for him to go to college, he knew he wanted to go Sarah Lawrence and follow his dream of writing fiction. While there, Gerald was by far the coolest kid in his class. He had a lot of girlfriends but he didn’t feel a true connection to any of them. It wasn’t until he received a letter from his elementary school flame, Phoebe, that everything changed in terms of his love life. He traveled back home to see her and hopefully rekindle their once budding romance. When Gerald saw Phoebe, he realized she needed help. She needed to be reminded that learning doesn’t always have to be stressful, but it should always be fun. After helping Phoebe, Gerald returned to school with a renewed sense of what he wanted to do. He wanted to write books for children. He stayed in touch with Phoebe throughout college and when they both graduated school, Phoebe and Gerald started dating. Gerald has now written over 30 children’s books, gaining most of his ideas from his own childhood, with one of his most popular stories being, “The Story of Stoop Kid: A Tale of Triumph”. Together, he and Phoebe travel around the country reading them to children and reminding them of the importance of reading and writing.

Harold Berman:

Harold used his Bar Mtizvah savings to buy a small space in Brooklyn and turn it into a kosher butcher shop and deli, figuring he could combine the two things he loves most, eating and meat products. He called his shop, BerMANLY Meat. Harold isn’t that clever. His first year of business was better than he had dreamed. BerMANLY Meat was the most popular deli in Brooklyn. There would often be a line out the door for Harold’s delicious meat products. The only problem was that this put Harold under a lot of stress. He had to keep up with the demand for his product and he turned to food to cope with his anxieties. Harold, who was already overweight, put on 150 pounds in one year. Worst of all was the fact that he had not purchased a new shirt since the one he wore all throughout high school. Harold’s gut would constantly be bulging out of his shirt. He also got his belly button pierced on a dare from his still-best friends Sid and Stinky, both of whom Harold hired to work in the butcher shop. Harold had become an eyesore to his customers and he wasn’t happy. When he started to lose business, Harold decided it was time to lose weight. He started to exercise and eat healthy. He also felt he was being hypocritical by selling food he deemed unhealthy and would therefore no longer eat. Harold decided to change his product. He now sells only lean meat and healthy sandwiches and has changed his store name to, Healthy BerMANLY Meat. Although thinner, Harold is still not clever.

Eugene Horowitz:

Eugene was always seen as the class jinx. Determined to disprove this belief, Eugene sought out the help of a spiritual guide. He did research for the best advisor possible and he came across Feather Leaf Star Bird,  a professional shaman and healer located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Upon meeting Feather Leaf Star Bird, Eugene fell in love. Miraculously enough the feelings were mutual. In order to ward off bad luck, however, Eugene must bathe in a mixture of pigeon poop, lilac, and rose petals. Although the flowers smell great, the pigeon poop is pretty potent and overpowers any sweet-smelling flower. Feather Leaf Star Bird prepares his bath and stays by his side, despite the stench. If that’s not true love then I don’t know what is.


After discovering Brainy outside their window, repeatedly, Helga and Arnold were forced to put a restraining order against him. He is currently seeking help from a psychiatrist, as well as an Ear Nose and Throat doctor specializing in annoying breathing problems.

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